Who is real estate’s Harvey Weinstein?

The Real Deal wants to hear your stories

Harvey Weinstein (Credit: Getty Images)
Harvey Weinstein (Credit: Getty Images)

Harvey Weinstein quietly paid off accusers for decades, successfully silencing allegations of sexual assault and harassment. That all changed earlier this month when the New York Times published an explosive investigation into previously undisclosed allegations.

The deluge of accusations that followed the Times report and the emergence of similar stories in other industries has The Real Deal wondering: Who is real estate’s Harvey Weinstein?

The issues highlighted by Weinstein’s fall aren’t just endemic to Hollywood. Real estate is an industry traditionally populated by powerful men — and has a history of perpetuating office cultures that can be unwelcoming to women and minorities.

Have you experienced or witnessed sexual assault or harassment in your office, an industry event or elsewhere? Do you know of someone in the industry with a history of overstepping boundaries? Is there someone working in the industry who has successfully quashed allegations (either through a court settlement or other means)? Is there behavior among industry professionals that you think needs to be discussed?

We want to hear your stories.

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