Here are Wall Street’s favorite new restaurants – and their landlords

The best new spots in town

(Credit: Pexels)
(Credit: Pexels)

If you’re looking to seal the deal over lunch or, at the very least, seem like a New Yorker with sophisticated taste and a wallet to match, follow the lead of the traders and financiers who use the Bloomberg Terminal to choose the location of their next meal.

Bloomberg ran a poll of their foodie-inclined terminal users to see which of the city’s New Restaurants Have Already Earned A Permanent Place in their date books (or iCals) and the biggest winner is uncontested – Aby Rosen, co-founder of RFR Realty.

Rosen’s long-standing spat with restaurateurs Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder and the subsequent closure of their legendary Four Seasons restaurant — the Seagram Building’s original dining room famously designed by an all-star interdisciplinary team — in 2016 proved a savvy investment in the end. The three new eateries Rosen picked to fill the void left by the Four Seasons all nabbed top rankings on Bloomberg’s list.

The developer transformed the beloved restaurant, originally designed by Philip Johnson and filled with furniture designed by greats that included Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (also the architect of the Seagram Building itself), Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen, into two distinct restaurants, The Grill and The Pool. The third restaurant in the building is housed in the former Brasserie’s space and is now known as The Lobster Club — all are operated by the Major Food Group.

Despite laments for the past, Rosen’s new restaurants prove that location, contemporary interior design and an excellent menu is the key to winning stomachs and hearts on Wall Street — and, perhaps, letting go of the past.

Here’s a look at NYC’s trendy new restaurants to dine alongside the rich and powerful and the landlords who made it possible:

1. The Grill

(The Grill/Yelp)

99 E 52nd St
Landlord: RFR Realty
Type of food: Steakhouse

2. The Pool

(Frank A./Yelp)

99 E 52nd St
Landlord: RFR Realty
Type of food:Seafood

3. 4 Charles Prime Rib

(4 Charles Prime Rib/Yelp)

4 Charles St
Landlord: Sara Gelbard
Type of food: Steakhouse

4. Le Coucou

(Rachel L./Yelp)

138 Lafayette St
Landlord: RFR Realty
Type of food: French

5. Loring Place

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(Vilson F./Yelp)

21 W 8th St
Landlord: Tzong Yih Jean
Type of food: American



372 Lafayette St
Landlord: Noam Shemel
Type of food: Mexican

7. Empellón Midtown

(Go B./Yelp)

510 Madison Ave
Landlord: Boston properties
Type of food: Mexican

8. The Lobster Club

(Mike C./Yelp)

98 East 53rd st
Landlord: RFR Realty
Type of food: Japanese

9. Nur

(Ken S./Yelp)

34 East 20th Street
Landlord: Thomas Pollack
Type of food: Middle Eastern

10. COTE

(Linlin J./Yelp)

16 West 22nd St
Landlord: Meysar Realty Corp
Type of food: Korean Steakhouse

11. Emily – West Village

(Mike C./Yelp)

35 Downing Street
Landlord: Cornerstone Management
Type of food: Pizza, burgers