Meet Gen Z: Three things to know about the next wave

The new generation is a mystery no longer

(Credit: Pexels)
(Credit: Pexels)

By 2026, they will rule the retail world — or at least they’ll be old enough to exercise some serious buying power, so a report from Business Insider’s research division dug into what Gen Z, defined as people born from 1996 to 2010, likes and dislikes, and surprisingly perhaps, the results aren’t doom and gloom for brick and mortar stores.

But you can’t be a digital ghost, naysayer or uncool (though, who knows, maybe that’s coming back). Here are the top three takeaways that will get Gen Z’s attention:

1. Experience

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Gen Zers currently likes shopping at physical stores (emphasis on
currently). Something about the novelty of a place where you can buy stuff and people hang out is appealing — go figure.

2. Don’t waste time

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Gen Zers won’t use slow-loading or hard-to-navigate websites and apps. They are an impatient, efficient group.

3. Be on brand

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Quality and curation motivates Gen Zers — if it’s not pretty they’re not buying.

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