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205 East 85th Street and 415 Main Street
205 East 85th Street and 415 Main Street

Obscuring your identity when purchasing a piece of land is par for the course in New York City real estate. Using an LLC to avoid being distinguished is done for a variety of reasons, from separating your business from the property to avoiding the spotlight until you’re ready for it. Despite clever attempts by developers and owners to remain incognito, there are still a variety of ways that an informed researcher with the right tools can find the actual owner of a property, beyond the nonsensical limited liability company they used to file or purchase their new project.

TRData’s pipeline, which contains over 16,000 completed properties and projects in development, has become a reliable resource for developer identification. When a project is filed with the Department of Buildings, the developer must submit a name, address, phone number and email address. Even if the developer has created an LLC that purposefully reveals no information in regards to who they are, their actual identity can be found by comparing this new filing with previous filings from our pipeline.

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Our pipeline now contains over 7,500 unique phone numbers and nearly 5,000 unique email addresses. Each of these pieces of contact information correspond to one, or multiple, projects filed with the Department of Buildings. Using this information, we’ve identified the actual developer, beyond their filed LLC, for thousands of these projects and completed properties.

These contact lists represent an opportunity to contact not just small-time developers who have filed their phone number with the Department of Buildings, but even huge developers that tend to file several different phone numbers that reach a variety of decision makers. For example, there are 41 projects in our pipeline that we’ve identified as developed by the Related Companies. Each of these filings were made under LLCs such as “86TH & 3RD OWNER, LLC” and “RIVERWALK COURT, LLC.” Attached to these filings, however, are 16 unique phone numbers and 17 unique email addresses that would be unavailable by simply searching Related’s website.

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