When a stranger calls: Agents report creepy calls from “buyer” posing as Sarah Jessica Parker’s photographer

Caller seems to be very interested in feet

(Credit: pxhere)
(Credit: pxhere)

A Manhattan-based residential agent says she’s received numerous disturbing calls from someone posing as Sarah Jessica Parker’s photographer. The caller claimed to be in search of an apartment but seemed to be more fixated on feet.

The agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said between January and March, she and at least four female colleagues received calls from a blocked number, Inman reported. In the calls, a man claimed to be a London-based photographer seeking an apartment. Initially, he requested to see properties charged $1 million a month and then adjusted his range to $8,000 to $15,000 a month. But it became clear that he likely wasn’t interested in real estate.

“He pretended he was a photographer for Sarah Jessica Parker, and that he was a shoe photographer, and then he was telling me he was doing a shoot where [the actress] had to step on these big cockroaches, and he was asking me how I felt about it, and he was asking me what size shoe I was, and then he was telling me about a photo shoot with her in Hawaii where he had to, like, machete boars. It was just these increasingly vulgar stories,” the agent told Inman.

He also referred to his genitals in one of the calls and repeatedly returned to the subject of feet and footwear, the publication reported.

News of the calls follow reports of a man calling female agents in Arizona, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and other states. In the calls, the man identifies himself as “Dwayne Bergeman” and is vague and delayed in his responses, unnerving some agents. In September, The Real Deal spoke to agents about how they deal with safety on the job. [Inman] — Kathryn Brenzel