Stefan Soloviev terrifies his nannies: Insider

Chairman of Soloviev Group inherited real estate empire from dad Sheldon Solow

Stefan Soloviev, chairman, Soloviev Group (Wikipedia/Hayden Soloviev, iStock)
Stefan Soloviev, chairman, Soloviev Group (Wikipedia/Hayden Soloviev, iStock)

Stefan Soloviev, chairman, Soloviev Group (Wikipedia/Hayden Soloviev, iStock)

Stefan Soloviev was quoted three years ago saying he would remember “anyone who screwed me over.” Now he can add some of his former nannies to that list.

Insider reported a nanny who worked for the real estate heir fractured her foot after going down a laundry chute in his East Hampton home, afraid to ask Soloviev to unlock a door. She ultimately left the job after Soloviev didn’t give her time off to recuperate.

The incident was part of a larger narrative by Insider that painted Soloviev as temperamental and slovenly, allegedly banging on the walls of his home and yelling at all hours of the night, leaving disgusting messes in the kitchen.

His former nanny described him as a “time bomb,” saying “one thing and that man would fly off the handle.” Another nanny described a brief time working for Soloviev as “eight days in Hell.”

Soloviev responded to the allegations of his late-night behavior by referring to himself in the third person — probably not the best PR strategy to counter tales of alleged erratic behavior.

“Yes, he is often awake during that time because commodities trading changes from China to Europe,” Soloviev said to Insider. “Stefan has always tried to keep his house in order — often difficult with a lot of children.”

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Soloviev wouldn’t confirm his progeny count, saying “the number isn’t important.” Insider reported that it is at least 20.

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Soloviev also allegedly got into it with people on Facebook Messenger and the comments section of the New York Times. That was a mistake, he admitted.

“I regret saying stupid things that are not necessary online,” Soloviev said of his Internet dealings.

His online battles follow a pattern of more physical confrontations. In 1998, Soloviev reportedly got into an altercation with a JPMorgan Chase security guard, grabbing the guard by the neck. A legal dispute followed, resulting in a $50,000 settlement paid by the bank to the guard.

Around 2019, Soloviev allegedly rammed an SUV into the side of his mother’s barn, where she housed valuable art. Sources told Insider he allegedly wanted to destroy her prized sculptures; his mother denied knowledge of the incident.

Sources told Insider that Soloviev’s behavior could be related to drugs and alcohol. Soloviev often used painkillers, which he stated were due to a back injury suffered while playing football in college. He denied use of illegal drugs or excessive drinking, though.

“You are being misled by revenge-seeking, fired ex-employees,” he told Insider.

The real estate scion took over his father’s company following Sheldon Solow’s death in 2020 and immediately went about reorganizing his ventures and the Solow Building Company into the Soloviev Group. He serves as chairman and his son Hayden as vice chairman.

Stefan adopted the Russianized version of the name of his father, who accumulated a net worth of $4.4 billion. One of his ongoing projects is 12 West 57th Street, a 670-foot luxury condo tower with a retail base and white marble facade. Two buildings are yet to be razed to make way for it.

[Insider] — Holden Walter-Warner