Stay atop the market (and ahead of your competition) with TRD EDU

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Stay atop the market (and ahead of your competition) with TRD EDU

Mark Twain once said he never let schooling interfere with his education. He never had to renew a real estate license.

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation in 2019 that sent veteran real estate agents back to class, Compass’ Adelaide Polsinelli told TRD she found the assumption that senior brokers still needed continuing education to be an “interesting” one.

She wasn’t wrong. Neither was Meridian Capital Group’s David Schechtman when he called 22-and-a-half hours a “draconian” amount of time to spend training every two years just to keep selling homes — though he did support the idea in general.

Jump through the bureaucratic hoops, unless you want to end up like this guy. But don’t let it interfere with TRD EDU.

For just $249, our online learning portal brings you unlimited access to a plethora of institutional knowledge in one annual subscription package created in partnership with the online real estate education specialist CE Shop.

Stay on top of the market and ahead of your competition with 19 years’ worth of unparalleled real estate journalism and exclusive insights from our research team. Peruse the archives for hard-hitting deep dives. Immerse yourself in discounted TRD events like our upcoming New York Realestate Showcase & Forum.

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TRD's Kathryn Brenzel

TRD’s Kathryn Brenzel

Red tape may be a fact of life, but TRD EDU has the facts, figures and training to keep you razor-sharp.

School may suck, but learning doesn’t have to. Sign up for TRD EDU today, renew your license and stick around with us for a truly continuing education.