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    The following article was developed by Rentigo, the #1 provider of free property management solutions for collecting rent, connecting with tenants and helping property managers grow their business.

    Homeownership is at a 50-year low, mostly due to prices increasing faster than income. According to the Rental Protection Agency, there are over 2650 new renters every single day, and the demand for rentals continues to exceed supply. For landlords and property managers, this is great news: more renters means lower vacancy rates and even the opportunity to pick and choose the best tenants.

    Once those vacancies are filled, however, keeping those tenants for the long term becomes the next major challenge. Increasingly, offering great services and a personal touch can make all the difference. Shared workspaces like WeWork and NextSpace offer an interesting example of how to do that by building a sense of community to drive engagement and lower abandonment rates. With a robust property management platform like Rentigo, property managers can begin to replicate this “community-like” experience for people where they live as well as where they work.

    Engaging Tenants with Rentigo

    In today’s Internet age, digital technology introduces new ways for people to connect and engage with one another. Rentigo, a leading provider of online property management solutions, leverages digital technology to help property managers do just that in order to improve the tenant experience and lower vacancies in a number of ways:

    Increased convenience – for everyone

    In addition to simplifying the daily tasks involved in managing multiple units and properties, digitization offers increased convenience for tenants as well. One example is letting tenants use their smartphone to pay rent online through their preferred method of payment, whether credit card, debit card or ACH. Tenants today not only expect this but prefer it, since online payments offer an easy way to simultaneously improve personal credit scores as well as avoid late fees. For property managers, this also translates into the added convenience of receiving automatic alerts whenever a tenant’s rent has been paid – or they’re running late.

    Better responsiveness

    Being able to communicate with tenants from one central online location means property managers can respond to maintenance issues quickly, from any location. In addition to saving time and money dealing with fixable problems, tenants appreciate having direct access to their property managers when they need it most and knowing that their immediate concerns are being resolved. By solving one of the most frequent points of contention between property managers and their tenants, Rentigo creates a basis for positive ongoing interactions.

    Personalized attention

    A personal touch can make a big difference in connecting with tenants to foster trust and goodwill. And yet, the reality is that maintaining communications with tenants across multiple units or properties can be hard. Rentigo helps by providing a comprehensive platform for data mining and personalizing communications to identify evolving needs and keep tenants both informed and engaged. Personalized messages can extend from reminders about rent deadlines or important updates to community announcements and holiday greetings.

    Happier tenants for Bottom-line Results

    Rentigo’s platform goes the extra mile to provide the best digital technology has to offer both tenants and property managers. This includes increased efficiency and transparency around daily property management tasks and mobile access to convenient, user-friendly features. Most importantly, by leveraging Rentigo’s tenant-facing features and services, property managers can foster a sense of community to keep tenants happier longer, while improving their bottom-line.


    About Rentigo

    Rentigo is the #1 free property management platform designed to help real estate companies, building managers and landlords create tenant communities, lower vacancies and grow their business. With Rentigo, users can streamline their property management tasks to easily connect with tenants, collect rent and manage maintenance requests online. Rentigo’s robust cloud-based system includes a simple property management dashboard, comprehensive reporting, advanced data mining and a white-label mobile tenant app. For more information please visit our website at www.rentigo.com or contact us to learn more about how Rentigo can help you build your property management business at [email protected]

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