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High Demand for an All-In-One Multifamily Platform

Tired of getting lost in the loop? ApartmentBuildings.com is just what you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why.

Multifamily Real Estate is a key segment of the American economy and is an extremely profitable part of Commercial Real Estate. According to CBRE, “with steadily improving market conditions, multifamily investment volume is expected to increase in 2021. CBRE Research predicts U.S. multifamily investment volume will reach about $148 billion next year, lower than 2019’s record level of $191 billion but a 33% gain over the 2020 estimate of $111 billion.”

With $148 billion on the table, it’s about time there’s an online sales platform that’s solely committed to this sector.

ApartmentBuildings.com, founded in 2017 and relaunched in 2021, is an industry-leading platform that serves the needs of this exploding market. It’s the only nationwide platform dedicated to Apartment Buildings for sale.

The new website’s contemporary design and intuitive user interface enables you to easily add listings, promote your profile and search for a Broker, Property, or Management Company in specific locations.

They’ve redefined industry standards by allowing subscribers to make listings for free and unlike other online platforms, your listing or profile doesn’t get lost in the multitude of uploads that stretch across all sectors of the market.

So, how is this sector doing in a post-pandemic climate? According to multifamily investment specialist Brian McAuliffe, Multifamily is a safe investment for the current market because “there will always be the need for a place to live.” With the unpredictability of Covid-19, one thing that we can guarantee is the need for housing.

ApartmentBuildings.com is dominating the market with amazing features like being able to ‘favorite’ a property or receive property alerts and instant notifications for ‘saved searches’. Investors can now write LOI’s through our wizard to the listing broker. Brokers and management companies can promote their profiles to increase exposure to investors. You can lock up your OM’s and release them at will, or with a Signed NDA. You can also feature a listing and get a seller report.

ApartmentBuildings.com is the only platform you need.

See what all the fuss is about, make your first listing for free.