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5 Tips for Personalizing Your Space

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash
Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

If you’ve just taken the plunge into purchasing your first home, you may be looking at a lot of empty space you have complete control over for the first time in a while. Or, maybe you’ve just binged some tidying and home reno shows and have decided it’s time to give your room a “space” lift. No matter the catalyst that brought you here, it’s a sign that it’s time to say “out with the old and in with the new!”

Check out five of our favorite tips and tricks for making your space feel more like you. 

#1: Take Inventory of What You Have

When’s the last time you looked at how much stuff you own? From the boxes in the back of your closet with broken Christmas lights, to that bag of clothes you’ve been meaning to donate, this is your opportunity to declutter. You don’t have to be ruthless, but getting rid of things you no longer need or want will lighten your load mentally and physically. 

Then, it’s time to bring some cleaning supplies to the table. Not everyone loves to do a deep clean, but it’s the best way to ensure your home has a fresh start. A quick online search will reveal loads of ingenious cleaning hacks that will cut your chore time in half.  

#2: Put Some Heart into Your Art

Who says wall art is just for museums? Decorate your walls with your favorites without any of the damage. There are many ways to hang pieces of art and decor that appeal to you without leaving behind gaping wounds in your drywall. 

Many older homes feature an architectural detail called picture rail molding. It’s easy to install and gives you a way to add visual interest to a room, break up a wall, and rearrange your art as much as you like. Or, check out more of a  gallery wall,” style, which creates a stunning focal point in any room. 

#3: Get Rooted into Your Space

Hello, plant friends! Whether you’re an avid gardener, or just trying your best to keep your snake plant alive, there are indoor plants right for you. Are you a succulent person? Maybe herbs are more your thing? No matter your style, bringing plants into your home are a great way to add a personal touch. 

#4: Illuminate Your Space  

Changing something as simple as your lighting layout can dramatically alter the look of any space. From the kitchen to your home office, if you’re tired of working under harsh overhead lights, it’s definitely time to rethink your illumination.

If your home came equipped with unflattering bathroom lights, oddly placed fixtures, or recessed lighting you don’t care for, reach out to a local electrician to help you replace or reposition them so you can get a fresh start. 

Funky table lamps, wall sconces, pendant lights, chandeliers — your options are nearly endless when it comes to setting the atmosphere throughout your home with new lighting choices. 

#5: Have a Paint Party

There are so many ways you can use paint to make your space feel more personal. If you’re not ready to paint your walls, consider touching up some older furniture pieces, like bookshelves or tables. If you’re ready to take painting to the next level, consider changing up the color of your walls, trim, built-in cabinetry, or even giving the ceiling a lively new color!

Not sure which color is right for you? Home renovation experts suggest that you start by selecting 3 colors from something already in your home, such as a pillow, a rug, or a piece of art, and using those to help you choose samples at the paint store.

You’ll also want to think about what kind of finish you’d like to use. Typically, satin finish paint was considered best for interior walls because it’s stain-resistant and scrubbable. But today’s flat-finish and high-gloss paints are long-lasting and can be used together to achieve a cool contrasting effect as the light in the room changes.

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