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Home DIY Projects for Spring

Ready to get your home spruced up as spring (supposedly) looms around the corner? It might be time for a do-it-yourself project! A simple DIY is a great way to spruce up the value and feel of your home, without shelling out the big bucks. We’ve rounded up some of the best DIY projects to start this spring.

1. Pressure wash your exterior

Queue up your Queen playlist, because we’re about to go Under Pressure. Experts say the very beginning of spring is the perfect time to pressure wash your home, driveway and other outdoor spaces. After a long winter, plenty of grime and salt may have built up on your property, leaving your home looking and feeling a little drab. A simple powerwash is a great way to prevent algae, the buildup of dirt and more. You can even rent a powerwasher if you don’t own one — does it get any easier than that?

2. Paint some accent pieces

What better way to jump into spring than with a little color refresh? As the weather starts warming up and you can comfortably open the windows again, why not take advantage by painting some fresh accent pieces in your home, like a console table or older pieces of furniture you may have tucked in storage? We’re living in Pantone’s world of pink and stylists from every corner are agreeing there are ways to incorporate some deep hues into your home without going overboard. If a relaxing DIY is calling your name, pick up a paintbrush and some paint today!

3. Tile a backsplash

Eye-catching backsplashes, statement islands and countertops with imagination are everyone’s favorite trends of 2023. You can easily transform a tired kitchen into a staple room by tiling a backsplash above your counter. The best part of this DIY is you’ve got options for how you want to go about this project. With a wide array of available mosaic tiling and stick-on options, you can choose your own path when it comes to time, budget and expertise.

4. Create macrame planters

Is it just us, or does spring somehow convince us we’ve got a green thumb every single year? If you’re getting the itch to be a plant parent once again, start with a cute macrame DIY! There are dozens of free patterns to choose from online, but we love this simple one to get you started. After spending a weekend macrame-ing on the couch, you’ll be more ready than ever to hit the plant store!

5. Caulk your interiors

If we tell ourselves warm weather is just around the corner, eventually it will come. Making sure your cool inside air can’t escape is a sure-shot way to keep your electric bill lower this summer. You don’t have to be an expert to dive into this DIY, but you do have a couple of options, so research your caulks beforehand. For example, acrylic-based caulks are best for wood and porous surfaces and are great for filling gaps that need to be painted over. They also break down faster when exposed to water. Silicone caulks will shrink less over time and deteriorate slower when exposed to water. They’re recommended for kitchen and bathroom areas and should be applied as a top coat. You can do a deep dive into all things caulk here.

There’s so much to do this spring.

Whether you’re looking for a short, weekend project or a longer DIY to get into, there are plenty of ways to improve your environment and the value of your home this spring. What are you waiting for? Let’s get DIY-ing!