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A Deeper Dive on the Future of Commercial Real Estate

The Real Deal, Berdon, Koeppel Rosen, and Crescit Capital hosted an exclusive discussion to talk about the different verticals within the commercial real estate space, and what stakeholders are currently facing in the market surrounding their decisions on investment and current holdings.

Meet the Speakers


Amir Korangy

Founder & Publisher, The Real Deal

Amir Korangy is the founder and publisher of The Real Deal, the preeminent news source for the real estate industry. Korangy has more than twenty years of expertise in the real estate and publishing industries.



Thea Kruger

Senior Principal, Berdon

Senior Principal Thea Kruger has nearly 15 years of experience in public accounting, which she parlays intol tax planning and compliance services to high net worth individuals and business owners in the hospitality and real estate industries, as well as condominium developers and private equity funds investing in real estate debt and real estate equity.



David Koeppel
CEO at The Rosen Group, Partner at Koeppel Rosen LLC

With over 30 years of experience in the transactional real estate market, David has a solid understanding of the industry, spanning management, financing, sale opportunities, and the overall ins and outs of commercial and residential real estate. Currently serving as CEO at The Rosen Group, Partner at Koeppel Rosen LLC, David’s ability to represent ownership and management to a growing portfolio of over 60 shopping centers showcases his strong understanding of the competitive retail market.


Edmund Taylor
COO, Crescit Capital Strategies

Edmund Taylor has over 30 years of senior COO experience in the financial services business, including extensive experience in the commercial real estate and structured finance markets. Prior to joining Crescit Capital, Edmund was a senior executive at Credit Suisse and a member of the Global Markets Management Committee where he oversaw a division with over 11,000 employees and $6 billion in revenue.