5 Best Water Softener Systems To Soften Hard Water [2021]

Nowadays, people are interested in having the latest technological innovations and having a better life than they used to have before. In this modern society, you can find many electric appliances that suit your performance and ease your daily activities. 

Although there are plenty of household assistants, we can confidently claim that people today are in doubt when water safety comes into question. From that point on, we’re pretty sure you want to find a solution for avoiding the hard materials in the water and start living a healthier life. For that purpose, we recommend you consider water softening appliances.

Soft water can benefit your general well-being and promote excellent hair care, a great skin appearance, and a long lifespan for your household appliances. Get rid of the iron, calcium, and magnesium in your water and start living a healthier life journey, followed by a perfect physical appearance and an excellent household atmosphere. Water is life – so choose the best water softener for you. Thank us later! Enjoy!

Best Whole House Water Softener Systems Of 2021: 

1. SpringWell FutureSoft Overall Best Water Softener System To Soften Hard Water

If you’re a person who wants to use salt-free water, protect your home appliances and your overall health, then Springwell FutureSoft is the most suitable alternative. This system provides 99,6% scale prevention without using chemicals or metals and ensures you do not have water pressure throughout your home. Unlike the other salt-based systems on the market, FutureSoft will not waste your water and discharge salt brine into your household. 

FutureSoft uses a physical process called Template Assisted Crystallization which converts the hardness-causing materials in the water to a crystal that will not stick to any machine or surface in your home. This softening system keeps your appliances and water heater free from hard water buildup. It is essential to know that this system does not trap any minerals, so there’s no need to clean the cycle to remove stuck ions. 

FutureSoft water softener utilizes an innovative system that retains the minerals in the water necessary for your health without harming the health of your household appliances. This fantastic machine is not a salt-based system, so you can be entirely sure that the water will have no taste.

It is also crucial to know that FutureSoft is a perfect solution for old houses to reverse corrosion damage. When using this system, the old water pipes will begin to clean, and the efficiency of the waterline will be ultimately improved. 

Features and Benefits

  • Provides 99,6% scale prevention without chemicals or salt
  • It wastes no water 
  • The drinking water will not have any taste
  • Uses Template Assisted Crystallization process
  • Converted hard materials into a crystal will not be stuck on your home surfaces
  • Gives the appliances a long existence
  • It doesn’t need electricity
  • There is no need for system replacement
  • It prevents mineral buildup on household appliances


  • It is a salt-free system
  • It protects your household machines from corrosion
  • It doesn’t produce a taste in water
  • It doesn’t require electricity
  • This system prolongs the life of the appliances
  • It provides a mineral buildup prevention
  • It prevents and cleans scale
  • Saves your money while no water is wasted
  • You don’t have to replace this system
  • No drop in water pressure is guaranteed
  • Fantastic reviews
  • Satisfaction guaranteed-6 months money-back in pocket


  • Materials like magnesium and calcium will still be present in your water system but converted into crystals
  • If looking for improved water taste, this salt-free softening system will not alter the water taste


If you’re a person who wants to maintain good health for you and your household appliances, then FutureSoft is the perfect option for you. Without a need for replacement and using electricity, this fantastic softening system is the most suitable alternative for you. This water softener converts the hard materials into crystals using the Template Assisted Crystallization while protecting your appliances from scale and corrosion. 

This softening system is suitable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while the quality of hair, skin, overall health and home appliances will be improved. This softener is also perfect for those who live in an old house, preventing the damage of corrosion and cleaning your water pipes. Without producing sodium, FutureSoft will not alter the taste of your water but will maintain the minerals which are nutritious to your body. 

FutureSoft comes with a 6-months money-back guarantee so that you can be entirely sure of its efficacy. This softening system is a lifetime investment in the personal health and safety of the pipes and household appliances. Without a need for electricity and without wasting water, FutureSoft is a perfect option for saving money while enjoying the benefits of the latest technological innovation. 

2. SoftPro EliteHighly-Efficient City Water Softener System For Sale

When discussing the best water softener on the market, we must mention SoftPro Elite. This lifetime water companion can be very beneficial if you have it in your household. When it comes to value, this water softening system has a lot to offer. This softening machine stands above the crowd with up to 64% water savings, 75% salt savings, and 68% operational cost savings. It is essential to know that SoftPro Elite has a smart, high-efficient design and saves the taste of the water.

When compared to other traditional softening machines, SoftPro saves up to 4.375 gallons per year. SoftPro uses an Upflow regeneration system that drives hardening materials such as calcium and magnesium up through the resin. In this case, SoftPro lessens the resin waste and improves efficacy. Using the Upflow regeneration system, SoftPro Elite replaces only the depleted resin. 

When choosing SoftPro as your household assistant, you can be entirely sure that you will lead to the next level of innovation in technology. This softener will save you money, unlike the other traditional softening systems on the market. A feature for appreciation over this perfectly-designed machine is the opportunity to turn the vacation mode on the softener and pause the water softening system from regenerating while you’re away or on vacation. 

With SoftPro, you will never run out of soft water. If there is a situation where the system capacity goes below 3%, you can be entirely sure that the system will do a quick regeneration that will restore the system capacity. 

Features and Benefits

  • SoftPro Elite is assembled in the USA
  • It has an easy installation
  • Utilizes a next-generation Upflow technology
  • It has up to 110,000-grain capacity
  • Drives the hardness minerals through the depleted raisin
  • It provides soft water and quick recharge
  • It produces clean water for all family
  • It saves 4,375 gallons per one year
  • SoftPro contains a vacation mode feature when there is no water usage
  • It prevents bacteria growth


  • SoftPro saves water, salt, and operational costs
  • It reduces salt and water waste through the Uplift technology
  • It regenerates the depleted resin
  • IAPMO, ANSI, NSF, and ISO-certified softening system
  • It has a perfect design and a quick installation
  • It saves water and salt when you’re away or on vacation
  • Self-charging capacitor will keep your device up to date for 3 days
  • It uses brining methods
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • It comes with free shipping and a 6 months money-back guarantee
  • Perfect for dishes, skin, hair, pets, and household appliances


  • This softener needs electricity for operating
  • The upgrade options like carbon filter can be expensive


SoftPro Elite is a perfect alternative for maintaining good health, better technology performance, clean drinking water, and prolonged existence of the appliances. This softener utilizes the latest technology and the perfect design in order to bring efficiency to the next level. It is good to understand that the upflow system reduces salt use, so you will not have to refill your tank often.

With this perfectly-designed innovative softening machine, you can be entirely confident that you will save 64% water and 75% salt. In that way, you will save your budget while having a fantastic experience with this water cleaner. This effective household machine contains 110,000-grain capacity and has an option for system upgrades. 

SoftPro Elite is a top-notch water softening machine, using smart technology for quick regeneration when the capacity is lower than 3%. Aside from these crucial features, we can claim that if this system does not detect any water use for seven days, it will automatically refresh to prevent bacteria from appearing inside the system. 

Coming with a lifetime guarantee and a 6-months money-back guarantee, SoftPro Elite is a perfect softener that every individual should start using in their home. Having this excellent softening system in your house will lead to a healthier life, soft clothes, healthier skin and hair, and safe pipes and appliances.

3. SpringWell Salt-Based Water Softener – Trusted For Well Water Softening 

The efficacy and quality always come first, so for that purpose, we must mention another innovation from SpringWell – the fantastic salt-based water softening system. This water cleaner is designed to improve your water quality and give your home appliances a long life. 

Unlike the first machine from SpringWell above, this water softening system utilizes the traditional ion exchange process. This salt-based water cleaner uses salt to remove all the hardening materials like magnesium and calcium from the water in your home.

This system has a resin within the tank, washed in a sodium solution. Depending on the softness of the water, this system will automatically clean the resin beads and reset them with the sodium inside the tank. For achieving this result, the salt-based water cleaner uses a bluetooth-connected series. This essential bluetooth feature will let you adjust your system’s cycle and regeneration. 

With the innovative bluetooth head, you can program and control your salt-based system with just a touch on your mobile phone. It is also essential to know that this salt-based water cleaner will not drop your water pressure. Unlike the other traditional softeners on the market, this salt-based softening system allows additional upgrades so that you can add some additional upgrades like a UV purification system. This innovative salt-based system is excellent for cleaner clothes, softer skin, healthier hair, and cleaner and tastier food. 

Features and Benefits

  • It is perfect for maintaining a healthy life
  • It is fantastic for hair care, skin, and tastier food
  • It removes hardness-causing minerals from the water
  • It promotes brighter and cleaner clothes
  • Utilizes an efficient ion exchange process
  • This water cleaner does not change the water pressure
  • It has an automatic regeneration system
  • It maintains water pipes and appliances with soft water
  • Fast and easy installation
  • It has an innovative bluetooth head for controlling the system by mobile phone


  • It is a fantastic traditional salt-based water softener
  • It is perfect for maintaining overall health
  • It uses a traditional ion exchange for improving water quality
  • This water cleaner maintains the quality of pipes and appliances
  • It has a bluetooth innovation system for managing the system with just a touch on your phone’s screen
  • It helps to reduce the appearance of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water
  • This water softening system uses certified materials
  • It has a 5 cycle meter to save more water
  • It has a lifetime warranty for quality
  • Free shipping and satisfaction guarantee
  • 6-months money-back guarantee


  • People with sodium intolerance may have issues with the additional sodium in the water
  • Unlike the other sophisticated systems, you should refill the tank more often


The Salt-Based water softening system is a top-notch opportunity to prevent further damages to your clothes, hair, skin, and household appliances within your home. This traditional ion-exchange process will always provide you with soft water, which turns out to be very beneficial for all of your daily activities and well-being. 

It is very convenient to use. This water cleaner utilizes a bluetooth system and keeps in touch with the latest technological innovations. Using this softener is entirely straightforward, with just a touch on your mobile screen. Aside from this, the fantastic application allows you to manage your backwash and regeneration cycles and processes. 

This SpringWell piece of innovation is convenient for use in every home, keeping the health and safety of the family members on the highest level. This innovative salt-based softener will entirely change your life by converting the hard into soft water. It is also essential to know that the ion exchange system is more efficient than others on the market, saving your water while saving your budget as well. 

This spectacular machine will change your perspective and allow you to have a wellness life without harsh minerals in the drinking water. Despite this crucial feature, we can say that your hair care is guaranteed, and your home will have an excellent system for promoting quality and efficacy. 

4. Fleck 5600SXT – Affordable Hard Water Filter & Whole house Water Softener

Highly appreciated, with the highest reputation marks on the market, the Fleck 5600 SXT water softener is just another fantastic innovation with proven quality. This technological unit has metered control design that is exceptionally convenient for daily use. You can always increase the system’s regeneration frequency, depending on the water demand. It is a piece of advanced technology designed to provide you with the best efficacy. 

The Fleck 5600 SXT has a day-override, ensuring the minimum regeneration requirements for better performance and economy. On this exclusive machine, you can have control over each stage of the regeneration cycle. 

By using Fleck 5600 SXT, you can eliminate the unnecessary spots of the dishes, have tastier drinking water, increase the lifespan of your appliances, and have soft and brighter clothes. Having these water softeners in your home can also be beneficial for your budget.

The essential feature of this excellent water softener is that it uses a smart regeneration technology, allowing you to operate the unit when needed. This perfectly-designed appliance reduces salt use and the need to refill the tank often. 

This exclusive digital softener provides you with numerous modification options and has a bigger port, which improves the water flow, and prevents water from dropping. Using the Flex 5600 SXT in your household allows you to enjoy electricity-saving benefits because this digital unit has a battery backup for two days. 

Features and Benefits

  • The Fleck water softeners are assembled in the USA
  • It has a convenient metered design
  • It provides various control settings, including water pressure and water flow
  • It has a battery backup for two days
  • It is a perfect opportunity to remove spots on dishes
  • An excellent solution for having perfect and soft hair, skin, and appearance
  • It has a 64,000-grain capacity
  • It provides solid-state SXT technology control valve
  • This unit operates entirely digitally
  • Cycle control
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long-term warranty


  • Excellent and easy-to-understand metered design
  • Proven quality and incredible feedback from customers
  • Lifetime warranty and affordable price
  • Long-term digital investment in pure and clean water
  • High protection of skin, hair, and overall wellness
  • High protection of dishes, home appliances, and water pipes
  • It enhances regeneration depending on the water demand
  • Digital control over the available options and settings
  • No need for refilling the tank often
  • No need for all-day electricity
  • Battery backup is available for 2 days
  • Easy installment and free delivery
  • 6-months money-back guarantee


  • Unlike the other devices, it provides a warranty of 5-10 years
  • It has a lower gran capacity compared to other softeners on the market 


If you’re in some stage in your life when your safety and the health of your loved ones come first, we suggest you make crucial changes to your lifestyle, but start first with the drinking water in your home. Why have health issues when the latest technological innovations are here for you to prove that the best water softeners can also become a reality? 

With the magnificent Fleck 5600SXT water softener, you will feel safe and reborn again. Your clothes will be brighter, the dishes will be cleaner, and the skin will be softer. Using this practical household appliance, you will have noticeable results on your hair and your entire well-being. The Fleck 5600SXT softener will meet all of your expectations by using the latest digital technology. 

This fantastic unit uses a traditional sodium-based system with excellent performance for improving the water quality within your house. This incredible water cleaner has smart regeneration features, which makes it convenient to operate when needed. 

Using this practical household appliance will save salt and electricity and allow you to have pure water without harsh minerals and taste. Consider these water softeners as your next choice and invest in your healthy future. 

5. Pelican Advantage SeriesScientifically Proven Water Purifying & Softening Systems 

This Pelican water softener provides a large tank size with a high-capacity resin. It is a top-notch alternative for your home while offering softened water using salt and potassium. It is essential to know that all Pelican Advantage series are salt-based water softeners with an easy-to-program metered electronic head. 

If you’re interested in having this essential household appliance in your home, you should know that all Pelican Advantage series provide a Premium Bypass valve for easy maintenance. This fantastic machine is perfectly made from an electronic head for quiet and efficient performance.

This fantastic unit uses a metered delayed backwash for minimal water waste, while you can use it when needed. The Pelican Advantage series uses a perfect microprocessor to let you have complete control from the front panel. 

With this incredible household appliance, you will only need to use treated water for refilling your tank. This water softening system has three operation modes where the regeneration cycle will immediately start when the water reaches the zero stage. 

We can have a timeless discussion over the benefits of Pelican Advantage water softeners. Still, one of the best features we can mention is that this softener has a battery backup of 8 hours, so you can always save electricity. 

Features and Benefits

  • It has a large tank and high resin capacity
  • It has a perfect metered design
  • It improves the water flow rate
  • It cleans the water and gives purity and a natural taste
  • It offers a meter intermediate when the water reaches zero and starts to act immediately
  • It is one of the best water softeners using salt and potassium
  • It contains a double backwash feature
  • Battery backup to 8 hours
  • It can be used without electricity and save your budget
  • Treated water regeneration for optimum cleaning and performance
  • Warranty in a period of 5 years


  • Excellent reviews over the internet
  • Certificated water softening system with high quality
  • Long-term warranty
  • Large tank and high resin capacity
  • The metered design is convenient to use
  • It provides a standard bypass
  • It has 36 pre-programmed modes
  • It offers a time-delay mode
  • It has a backup battery of up to 8 hours capacity
  • It uses salt and potassium for cleaning the water in your home
  • Fast installation
  • Free delivery


  • It may use more salt than other water softeners
  • It doesn’t have a lifetime warranty
  • It might provide you with higher operational costs


Perfect metered design and extremely easy to use, Pelican Advanced water softeners are the most suitable alternative for resolving all the issues with hard water in your home. Due to these years of experience in this area, we can confidently claim that these water softening systems are among the best on the market. Pelican Advantage is a hybrid of convenience, economy, and health. It is a fantastic home appliance for producing healthy and clean soft water for all members of your family.

With its large tank and high capacity raisin, Pelican Advantage softener is perfect for individuals who have high water demand in their households. This incredible water softening system has a standard bypass and a double backwash feature, removing the dirt from the tank. This water cleaner also improves the water flow so you can have soft water all the time. 

The Pelican Advantage softeners contain several programmable options that will meet your preferences. On this machine, you can find 36 pre-programmed selections, and you can kindly choose what time your unit will start the regeneration process. It is good to understand the advantages of pelican Advances and start the healthier life you have always deserved. 

Why Is It Good to Have a Water Softener in Your Home?

Nowadays, you can have many advantages of the latest technology and start using household appliances to ease your work and benefit your health. Those appliances are the perfect water softeners, and the best option for drinking soft water without harmful metals. 

People can use these machines and see the results on their own. Before getting your favorite water softener, it is essential to know why it is good to have one of these excellent machines within your household. 

Healthier and softer skin

Suppose you have hard water in your home, you are used to washing your skin with this type of water, and after washing, you need massive amounts of moisturizers to help reduce irritations. This thing will not be an issue anymore when using the perfect water softening process machines. When you’re about to use this fantastic water treatment system, you will simply avoid harsh minerals because the water will be more gentle to your skin. 

Shiny and strong hair

Your hair is a significant part of your external appearance, and you should always consider taking care of its health. It is essential to know that the water we use has a crucial impact on hair’s health, so we recommend not to spend a lot of time seeking quality shampoos, conditioners, and other similarities. The main problem is not the chemical products that you use. On the contrary, the main issue here is the water. 

Continuously washing your hair with hard water can lead to dry, brittle, and damaged hair. If you want entirely to take care of your hair and see it shiny and strong, these softening machines are the perfect option for that. 

Soft and clean clothes

Remember the last time you bought a sweater, and you thought it would be your favorite cloth? Sure, you do. But what happened after you had washed it for the first time? Suppose it has lost its softness and turned to be a stiff fabric. For that purpose, using a water softening system doesn’t leave mineral buildup, and your clothes will be entirely protected from dryness. 

It gives the drinking water neutral taste

Suppose you drink home water and you don’t spend money on bottled water. In that case, we’re sure you don’t want to drink water with a taste. If you have hard water in your home, you may feel the taste of iron, chloramine, or any other additives. When using a softening machine, the unpleasant tastes will be gone forever, and you can start enjoying the neutral flavor of your home drinking water again. 

Soft water will be easier on your pipes and appliances

If you start using water softeners, one thing should be entirely clear: you will save your pipes and provide your appliances with a long life. Soft water can be very beneficial for your health and your household machines too. Using this softening system, the mineral buildup that is not visible to use will be just a part of the history, and your appliances and pipes will be protected all the time. 

Types of Water Softeners and Their Essential Differences

Soft water has many benefits for our general health and for our home appliances. Nowadays, hard water is commonly present in every household, producing hard minerals and harmful elements within. The perfectly-made water softeners exist to solve this issue, but out there, there are several different types to choose from. Before choosing the best water softener on the market, you should know the crucial distinctions between these types and make the correct choice in the future. 

Salt-Free water softeners

Unlike the other ion exchange systems, these water cleaners do not require regeneration or salt. It is crucial to understand that these water softeners actually do not remove minerals from the water but crystalize them. In fact, they neutralize these minerals to prevent them from sticking together and creating the buildup that leads to a hard water appearance. It is essential to know that this type of water cleaner is more expensive than others, but they cost less in the long run. 

With this type of softener, you are not required to use salt and do continuous upkeep. These machines take less space than ordinary salt-based softeners, making them more suitable and convenient for use. 

Salt-Based water softeners 

These water softening systems are less expensive and are salt-based. Salt-based softeners are the traditional type of water softening system that most individuals are accustomed to. It is essential to know that these systems are meant for supplying soft water in the entire house. The resin inside these softeners attracts the calcium and magnesium minerals from your water and replaces them with sodium ions. This process is called ion exchange. 

When the resin runs out of sodium ions to exchange the minerals, you can constantly regenerate resin using salt. This process requires regular maintenance, while regeneration should occur once a week. It is crucial to know that these systems completely remove the hard materials within your water, making it clear and pure for constant use. 

Portable water softeners

Another type of water softening system is a portable water softener. This type is convenient and compact for having soft water on the go. This type is perfect for traveling addicts, while they bring soft water with them wherever they go. These softeners require no electricity, and you can go for several weeks between regenerations. When you have to regenerate a portable water softener, you just need a regular table salt. 

Generally, we can say that no tools are necessary for completing the process of regeneration. With this type of softener, you don’t get the same effects and benefits as with the standard types above. Still, you can have enough soft water for one bathroom or a small group of people. 

Showerhead water softening systems

These showerhead salt-based water softeners can be very beneficial in using soft water without paying astronomic prices for the traditional softening systems. These salt based water softeners are easy to install, and your head, shoulders, and hair will be thankful if you make this costless choice. 

Reverse osmosis water softening systems

If you’re interested in having soft water in your home, one of the best options is to have the perfect reverse osmosis system. Not only remove the hard elements from your system, but this softener also re-introduces the healthy minerals in your water. This type of salt based water softener promotes better and healthier drinking water, and you will have unlimited Reverse Osmosis water on tap. It is good to know that these systems may be more expensive to buy upfront. 

Magnetic water softening systems

The purpose of using magnetic water softening systems is to change the water quality. However, we can say that this type of salt based water softener does not entirely change the water quality but changes the hardening materials within. It is similar to the traditional type, very affordable, and easy to install. 

How to Choose the Best Water Softener on the Market?

Find Out What’s the Best Water Softeners Alternative For You

Before you decide to buy a water softening system for your home, you should be aware of the type of problem you have with your water system. You should first analyze the water conditions while choosing the best performance and requirements for installment. Once you have realized the results, you will be conscious of what’s the correct choice for a water cleaner for you. 

High-Quality Components and Metered Style Valve

A good water softening system must have quality components and a metered style valve. Having these features, a water cleaner will not only last longer but will work more effectively. High-quality components may cost more upfront, but you can be sure that they will last longer. 

Buy the Right-Sized Water Softening System for Your Household

It is essential to know that not every water cleaner comes in the same size as others on the market. It is of crucial importance for you to find the most suitable alternative for you and enjoy the benefits of this helpful household appliance. 

Find a Water Cleaner that Removes Iron

Iron is a component found in water that can be pretty devastating to your home surfaces. This element can cause corrosion and speed the process of rust. 

It is crucial to know that high iron content can be destructive for your household appliances. From that point on, we recommend you choose salt-free water softeners that will completely remove iron and maintain the lifespan of your appliances. 

Conclusion – Best Water Softeners

From this informative article, you will discover the benefits of using soft water in your household. You will also see the differences between hard and soft water on your skin, hair, and home technological appliances. 

From this article, you will learn more about salt based water softeners, how they work, and the advantages of having one in your home. After that, you can make the correct choice in the future and protect yourself from the hard materials within the water in your place. 

Consider our salt-free water softeners, learn what functions they have, discover the available types of water softening systems and protect your health and wellness. After reading this article, we’re entirely sure that you will make a perfect choice and be satisfied with the benefits and results. Enjoy!