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BRIGA Real Estate Presents Lavish Penthouse On Israel’s Exquisite Golden Mile

Luxury High-rise Apartments | By Shayan Gutman

Since its establishment in 1979, BRIGA, the family run real estate company has provided its clients with some of the most personal and unmatched state-of-the-art designs in of their buildings. The same quality standards have been applied for the company’s newest project, BRIGA TOWERS, that is located just a short walk away from Netanya’s stunning Poleg Beach.

The two luxurious residential towers stand together at an immense 34 floors each, along Netanya’s coastline and showcase some of BRIGA’s finest technological and modern design advancements that hasn’t be seen of experience in any other residential building in Israel. The towers’ public spaces that are exclusively available to its residents were planned and designed by Studio Michael Azoulay, which is owned and managed by Michael Azoulay, one of Israel’s leading interior designers.

BRIGA’s unique design concept that sets them apart from the other luxury residential buildings that Israel provides come in the form of the amenities that they provide to help create a more connect community feel for the towers’ residents. Facilities such as a private gym, spa, playground for children and Israel’s only Olympic sized swimming pool for residential use are exclusively available for the residents of the towers. Additionally, a private synagogue, a facility that no other residential building in Israel provides, helps to bring the community closer in a way that has never been obtainable before.

Sitting on the two uppermost floors of each tower are impeccably designed 700 square meter penthouse apartments, one of which is currently fully furnished whilst the other is practically an empty canvas for the future owners to develop and design into their personal dream mansion in the sky. 

The furnished penthouse apartment features amenities such as, personal elevators to move between the two floors as well as a stunning marble staircase, indoor infinity pools that appear and disappear with just the touch of a button with a retractable roof, a private gym, personal cinema room, main kitchen, hidden kitchen, study, outdoor balcony, living room, two 120 square meter large master bedrooms and a guest room.

This spectacular penthouse by the sea was planned and designed by Tehila Shelef, a leading and renowned architect who uses her unique and sophisticated design language to create modern and functional environment that generates a sleek and practically seamless harmony between the area’s interior and exterior. The apartments’ perimeter is walled with floor to ceiling windows that provides residents with the incomparable view of the sea and stunning natural light throughout the day.

Showcasing the penthouse apartment’s design potential, the apartment has been outfitted by some of the worlds most renowned companies and their latest products. Areas such as the living room, guest bedroom and master bedrooms have been accessorized by the Italian fashion brand, Fendi, additionally, the main and back kitchens were designed by the prestigious Italian label, Da Cucina and equipped by the world-renowned kitchen company, Valcucine. The floor to ceiling windows and glass partitions in the apartment’s indoor pool area were provided by Apex Glass Co. and are an integral part of what make these apartments so stylish and calming.

The BRIGA TOWERS penthouse apartments are available for purchase and, with the benefit of the priceless view of the sea from this luxurious floating mansion in the sky, these penthouses will not only provide luxury housing and a tight-knit community, but the opportunity to experience the beauty of life from sunrise to sunset.

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