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Setting the Standard: Lightstone and Gaggenau Redefine Kitchen Luxury in New York City

The Real Deal sat down with Lightstone’s Scott Avram, Senior Vice President of Development to learn about how his firm works with BSH and Gaggenau to give their customers best-in-class kitchen appliances in every home, especially those found in a pair of new Lightstone developments in New York City. The two buildings, 130 William and 40 East End, exist on opposite ends of the luxury residential spectrum, yet both incorporate BSH’s flagship Gaggenau line of high-end appliances into their kitchens to create spaces of unparalleled beauty and functionality. Lightstone focuses on “quality and on craftsmanship” in each of their projects, and their partnership with BSH ensures that they are able to deliver a quality product “that also ages well.” 

“We typically work with BSH early in the process,” says Avram, who emphasizes how, with the help of both BSH and Lightstone’s team of designers, the developer is able to give their customers “the most enjoyable and efficient cooking experience within their homes.” Whether they’re in the market for a home at the skyscraping 130 William from Sir David Adjaye or a boutique residence designed by Deborah Berke at 40 East End, Lightstone clients will get a full orientation when they move in, during which they will be shown every one of their new Gaggenau appliances’ features and facets. “Once they really learn the capabilities of these Gaggenau appliances,” says Avram, “they’re completely blown away.”

Despite their aesthetic differences, the Gaggenau appliances fit seamlessly into both of the Lightstone developments. The kitchens at 130 William feature a contemporary design with dark cabinets and marble countertops, while those at 40 East End have a more traditional style. Yet the sleek simplicity of Gaggenau’s design makes them perfect for both styles of kitchen, creating a bridge that unifies the projects by bringing high-end aesthetics and functionality to appliances that will be central to residents’ daily routines. As Avram says, “It’s really unique that you can have an appliance that can be so diverse and neat and meet two different design aesthetics.”

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