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Unveiling Culinary Luxury: A Tour of Saint Marks Place with Avdoo & Partners and Thermador’s High-Tech Elegance

Avdoo & Partners’ founder Shlomi Avdoo showed The Real Deal around Saint Marks Place, his firm’s recently-completed luxury residential project in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill, with special attention to the Thermador appliance package his firm selected for the kitchens. “Our partnership with Thermador is one that we value,” said Avdoo. “We find that their lines of products are always designed for what buyers are going to potentially want.”

The kitchens at Saint Marks Place are the perfect setting for Thermador’s line of high-tech appliances. “Avdoo and the team really wanted a sleek, integrated contemporary design,” said BSH’s Andrew Karcich, who worked with Avdoo on putting Thermador appliances in Saint Marks Place. “Thermador was a great fit, especially our Masterpiece Series.” In addition to a streamlined aesthetic that complements the warm palette and geometric precision of the Saint Marks Place kitchens, Thermador’s appliances bring a host of features to every meal prep. Take, for example, the unique diamond ice made in the refrigerator’s freezer, which melts slower than regular cubes, making it the perfect companion for cocktail hour. 

These kitchens, and the meticulous design efforts that created them, are just part of what make Saint Marks Place a welcome addition to Boerum Hill. “We felt there was an opportunity to elevate the neighborhood by building something iconic,” said Avdoo, whose team took inspiration from the surrounding architecture, including a particular style of brownstone for which Boerum Hill is known, when designing the building. “We want to take on projects where we can create an impact,” said Avdoo, “not just for the neighborhood, but also creating a lifestyle for residents.” 

All the hard work has paid off, as Saint Marks Place has already sold out, thanks in no small part to the “countless hours” Avdoo, Karcich, and their teams spent designing every detail. Be sure to watch the video and learn more about the development here