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5 Custom Storage Solutions to Add Resale Value to Your Home by California Closets

When thinking about your next home renovation project, not only should you be thinking about cost and efficiency, but you should also consider return on investment. Adding built-in closets and storage solutions to your home is a simple way to make your living space more practical, while making your property more attractive to potential buyers in the foreseeable future.

Considering installing custom storage solutions throughout your home is highly desirable to potential homeowners. Reported in Forbes, Joshua B. Garner, licensed real estate salesperson at Nestseekers in New York, NY says, “If you’re selling your home and are currently lacking sufficient storage space, your closets could be scaring buyers away.” A shared opinion by Nancy Almodovar, CEO and founder of Nan and Company Properties also quoted in Forbes says, “…with luxury properties, potential buyers view large, organized closets as a symbol of a well-designed home. A well-lit, spacious, and neatly organized closet could indeed make or break the sale of your home.”1 Realtors everywhere agree that an impressive closet can close the deal, especially living in New York City, where finding storage space is a hot commodity. 

We here at California Closets pulled together some of the best tips and different spaces that can add resale value to your property, while avoiding over-customizing your home to best appeal to potential new buyers. 

Closet Solutions

Generally speaking, custom closets nearly double the amount of storage space for your wardrobe. Optimizing every square inch with smart closet design. We recommend adding luxury elements to attract buyers’ attention such as LED lighting throughout the closet, mirrored doors, jewelry drawer dividers, a combination of shelving for folded items as well as different hanging levels to accommodate various types of clothing, and placing pull-out racks for ties, belts, and scarves. 

Expert Tip: When designing your custom closet, think long-term in terms of aesthetic needs. Go for a more refined, yet timeless and modern look, staying away from trendy colors or styles that may become outdated in the near future.

Home Offices & Wall Beds

Create a diversified space for a spare room. Thinking creatively by turning a guest room into a multi-functional space can offer an office by day, and bedroom by night without taking up additional space. When buyers are shopping for a home, one of the most important aspects they think about is how many bedrooms it offers. Designing a multi-purpose room for both home office needs as well as bedroom functionality is something that will be a driving factor for someone deciding between two homes. 

Expert Tip: Be sure to design your wall bed unit floor-to-ceiling with simple crown molding or trim to draw attention to the custom detail. Blending modern and traditional elements, a transitional style creates a comfortable look that feels both classic and current.

Garage Organization

Many gravitate to a move-in ready home. No one wants to completely renovate their new home after pouring thousands of dollars into it already. Many tend to leave the garage a discarded junk room with no organization functionality. If you want to appeal to luxury homebuyers, having a well-ordered home starts before walking in the door. Designing tall cabinets, with adjustable shelving that adapts to changing needs provides plenty of storage for tools and supplies while offering up much needed space for your cars to fit comfortably. 

Expert Tip: When designing a garage solution, think about wall-mounted systems for big items to free up the floor and counters. Integrating a workstation offers the possibility for projects. We also suggest going for sleek styling with an industrial edge to appeal to all types of aesthetic tastes. 


Kitchens are the heart of the home for most. Creating efficiency and functionality in a family gathering space creates the idea of harmony and peace. Adding in a custom pantry elevates the look of your kitchen creating the luxury touch to a home without breaking the bank. A floor-to-ceiling design maximizes every inch of space, while open shelves and drawers make for easy grab-and-go. Deep countertops house everyday appliances such as a toaster or coffee machine, that is still at your easy disposal for everyday use, while being out of sight. 

Expert Tip: Go with a bright, white system to make the space look even larger with possibilities, while blending easily with different aesthetic choices of the overall kitchen. Incorporating small luxury features like puck lighting heightens the look as well as functionality of the pantry. Adding in specialty baskets, and spice racks gives that extra amenity that buyers won’t need to think about spending more on while giving off that sense of luxury. 

Laundry Room

Investing in an attractive, functional laundry room can make your property significantly more attractive to potential buyers and could make it much easier to sell. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, 87% of respondents said a separate laundry room would be ideal.2 Offering a productive space to wash and fold laundry with room for storage is a no-brainer. 

Expert Tip: When designing your custom laundry room, think practicality over all else. Make sure you have a deep countertop to allow for easy sorting and folding, incorporate a pull-out ironing board, pull-out hampers and storage baskets make it easy to sort, and add in a hanging rod or two to provide a place to hang-dry or steam clothing. Adjustable shelving is always a plus to ensure the space can adapt as your needs change.  

A custom storage solution isn’t just something “nice”, it improves functionality and is seen as a huge benefit that sellers are willing to invest in. Custom home solutions are not only seen as a luxury, but it creates the idea that the whole home is a luxury household worth paying more money for. Our space-saving solutions give the illusion of a larger home offering a larger living environment. Invest in custom closets for better living today, and more importantly, your future investments.

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