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A Focus on all Areas of the Home with California Closets New York

By Kristina Baker

California Closets is known for being #1 in the closet industry providing a range of unique and beautiful custom storage systems for not only closets, but any room in the home. Our design expertise extends from full room walk-in closets, to home offices, entertainment centers, laundry organization, mudrooms, and more. The epitome of luxury living, our whole-home storage solutions combine the finest handcraftsmanship and bespoke detailing with beautiful, functional design. Each unique space is carefully considered and designed to harmonize perfectly with your lifestyle. Manhattan Designer & Sales Manager, Megan Garcia gives an expert’s insider scoop when tackling your home storage solutions.

Q: In your opinion, are multi-purpose storage solutions more sought after nowadays? Or are your clients specifically just looking for their dream closet? If yes, which spaces do you suggest being transitioned into a multi-purpose design?

A: Multi-purpose storage space has always been a factor in New York.  So many walk-in closets also have a small vanity, or even a secret filing cabinet drawer haha! I have also done a few offices inside a closet, even pre-pandemic! (the “cloffice” is a hot trend nowadays!) I don’t think there is a specific space that works best. I think that each person’s needs are different and we’re not here to change the way that you live but we do want to elevate your spaces to be as easy for you to use as possible. 

Q: Optimizing every inch of storage in NYC is crucial. What accessories are the most beneficial to add to your walk-in closet that would save some space?

A: My favorite accessory is the garment rod.  It seems so simple because it’s really just a rod that extends out but it is something truly used EVERYDAY.  Whether it’s a place to plop your dry cleaning you just brought home, packing for a trip, or just using it to store your favorite lay around the house sweater, you will truly use that little guy every single day!

Q: The new demand for a WFH space this year has made a huge impact on design trends. What aspects of incorporating a home office into the home do you come across when working with your clients? 

A: In New York City, large home offices are few and far between. Tucking things away in drawers or behind doors helps the space feel clean even in the chaos of a busy day. Thinking through how cords and wiring will run so that you can easily access what you need to but it can also be tucked away for a large, clean working space is crucial.

Q: Besides home offices being a huge trend this year in the design world, what other spaces are you seeing your clients gravitate to needing a customized storage solution for?

A: Play spaces for children seem to be bigger than ever. With kids sometimes at home or needing a special place for themselves while mom or dad is working, it seems like creating a fun, easy to clean up space for them is very popular! An easy design element to incorporate for toys is our pull-out baskets. They save an immense amount of clean-up time.

Q: What would you recommend for a client wanting to turn their spare room into a guestroom as well as a place to house extra storage?

A: The flexibility of our system in moving shelves around, using a hanging rod when needed but taking it away when not is the beauty of our system! Smart design that can flex between a few needs is something we often strive for!  We can help you determine the exact space that you need so that you can tuck away all your items AND ensure that your guests are comfortable during their stay. 

Q: What do you believe is the most important design element when designing an entertainment center?

A: Making sure that the entertainment center is the right size (depth and width) of the space.  If a unit is too large, it can feel super overwhelming. Being the right size helps the unit feel like it was always supposed to be there. 

Q: We all know laundry can get out of control, especially when you’re living in a household with a large family. What would you suggest implementing into a laundry room design for optimal organization?

A: Room for hampers! We have a tilt-out hamper feature where we can blend a messy hamper into the design making it look like just another drawer. Also, I always like to mention adding in a countertop area where you can have space for folding, stacking and ironing when you need.

Q: The household entryway can sometimes become the designated dumping ground of the home. What features are necessary when designing a mudroom?

A: If the space is large enough, I love having a little cubby or drawer for each person.  Then each member of the family can really claim their area and nobody is intruding into their territory.  If it’s not large enough then creating zones is the key – a designated zone for shoes, hats, gloves, scarves and adding in backpack hooks makes a huge difference.


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