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California Closets offers 5 Tips to Optimize your Storage Space in your Smaller NYC Apartment

Living in tight quarters should not hold you back from meeting your storage needs. With the right strategies, it’s easy to live small and store well.

Living in New York City can bring along excitement, new beginnings and some may even say challenges; one main challenge being no space. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and thousands were forced to stay home, many found that their quaint apartment in the city became unbearably tiny. Here are a few big ideas for small spaces that our experts at California Closets, New York provides for maximizing your space.


1. First things first; declutter.

Start off your space optimization journey by doing the most dreaded task there is; purging. Create three piles: keep, toss, and donate. Take inventory and get rid of the obvious first. You should ask yourself three main questions when deciding the fate of your items. Am I holding on to this for sentimental value? Does it fit? Does it need a repair? For example, if you are holding onto those pair of jeans that fit perfectly in college but haven’t been able to squeeze into since 2018 now, it’s time to donate. Or your over-washed linens that you keep around “just in case”, time to toss. It’s extremely important to take a moment and see if that item brings you any joy or is just taking up needed space. Something that fit seamlessly last spring, might not be the best fit this year, or even your style for that matter. Ask yourself, “Would I buy this if I saw it in the store today?”. Keeping something out of sentimental value or because you splurged on an expensive piece may actually bring on anxiety and a sense of disorder. Purging helps your overall wellbeing and peace of mind. Donating something that brought on such happiness for so many years can help bring you a sense of calm knowing you are giving to it someone who will enjoy it as much as you did.


2. Think multi-functional spaces.

A custom storage system takes advantage of small, unused space to maximize your home’s potential. Almost everyone is trying to adjust to working from home now and does not necessarily feel that it is a permanent solution. However, it is not productive to keep working from your kitchen table for much longer. We can understand why some do not want to commit to a full-on home office; whether it be spatial restrictions or lack of necessity. For situations such as these, we always recommend building a multi-purpose custom storage solution. Incorporating a place for ample office supplies as well as desktop space now can easily convert to open shelving for books, laundry needs or arts and craft supplies. Understanding that your needs will differ over time, we try our best to make your space a transitional solution. Another double-duty solution to help maximize your limited space would be to incorporate a wall bed. Adding this nifty contraption allows for a vast amount of floor space, leaving more room for daily activities; you can create an office space by day, and a bedroom by night. Thinking about a space as having more than one function will leave no square inch unused.


3. Invest in Closet Organization.

Closet space management is one of the most challenging feats that a New Yorker deals with. If you are underutilizing your closet space, you are missing out on some key opportunities. Instituting a double hanging rod opens up twice the amount of closet space in seconds. Integrating shelving into your closet as well as the extra hanging rods makes all the difference. Designate a home for each item you own, have shelving for your shoes, shelves for thick sweaters so they do not stretch when you hang, and shelving to stack pants that are easier to fold. Make sure they are adjustable shelves to enable adaptability. Think about installing small closet accessories like a tie or belt rack, hooks, a jewelry organizer or pull-out hampers. Optimizing your space with these specialty racks holds a number of items by taking up very little space. Pull-out racks offer smart, visual organization that ensures often-needed items are easily found. These accessories integrate easily with your closet system for seamless design and functionality. Another simple addition to your closet that makes all the difference is shelf and drawer dividers. Dividers are an effective tool that is cleverly designed to keep items separate, organized and easy to access. This quick fix adds superior organization for the space to not get overcrowded. Use clear dividers to ensure they seamlessly blend into the space while making it easy to see everything. These organization options ensure space for every type of clothing item you own.


4. Sliding Doors Solution.

Consider room dividers. A way to create a sense of ample room in a small space is by adding in sections dividing it into not just one room, but two. This gives the idea that you have more space than you think. Sliding doors are a great alternative to traditional doors being that traditional doors take up more space with its folding mechanisms, while the sliding doors slide neatly up against your wall. Distractions can also come easily, especially in a home where everyone is working remotely. Coming up with a designated place that can be closed off from other noises will create a clear boundary between work and play. If you do not have a room where you can designate a home office, consider adding sliding doors to close off the space.


5. Choose White

Minimalist design offers elegant, yet straightforward elements of storage and organization. Implementing the clean and clear choice of white modernizes and streamlines a space while making the space appear larger and brighter. The science behind white making a space feel bigger is that it is light-reflective. If you add white elements, it will further increase the amount of light reflected, which will visually increase the space. Steer clear of heavy, dark colors that will make your space seem much smaller than it already is. Choosing to go with white, gives your personal items a chance to stand out, giving your space a lighter and brighter base. If you’re going for a sleek and modern design, white delivers this with a spacious look.