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Cavalry Associates

Chany Rosen: An Expediting CEO Who Stops at Nothing

If you chance upon Chany Rosen, surrounded by her five beautiful daughters, you’d never guess that standing before you is a fearless woman, the CEO of a large multimillion dollar expediting firm who lets nothing stand in her way.

They call her a power house.  A non-relenting go getter that will break through the toughest expediting barriers and deliver results.  Where other expediters have failed, Chany and her team step in. Her firm, Cavalry Associates, is notoriously known for tackling the most complicated expediting cases.  Chany often surprises, even herself, with the projects she pulls off to perfection.

Her competitors are left shaking their heads in confusion watching hi rise skyscrapers shoot up in no time.  They stopped asking how it was possible. They know about Cavalry.

Her clients, though, see a completely different side.

Chany is adamant that her clients be kept in the loop at all times.  A client of Cavalry will always know the status of a project. Her flawless process includes the dispatching of regular updates to every open job.

In the words of a client:  

 “Cavalry Associates doesn’t do AWOL.  We are always an active part of the process and fully aware of every detail of the job.”  

She powers at full steam stopping for only one thing:  To provide a stellar client experience.