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Champion Elevator

Champion Elevator Celebrates 212 Employees, 2363+ Elevators on Monthly Service, and $70million in Elevator Modernization Contracts

“Transparent, Honest, and Clear communication” is how Donald Gelestino describes the success for Champion as they celebrate their 5th year in business.  Mr. Gelestino has 34+ years in the elevator service business and most of his employees have that same level of experience or better!

Champion Elevator specializes in maintenance, modernization, inspecting, and repairing elevators. Champion prides itself on providing a free maintenance evaluation to all customers. The champion surveyor is a licensed inspector with not only the NYC & Connecticut license but they are also company recognized quality control auditors!  The free evaluation any elevator will undergo will be very comprehensive states Service Manager Robert Zalud. Any Building or facility manager or owner will know exactly the condition of their elevator or escalator system as well as a remedy for any cited deficiencies or possible violation items.

“We are here to help people, may it be the manager, tenant, or the riding public. We share our professional expertise for free in order to help a building become more safe and efficient” says Joseph Corrado who is the Vice President of Champion. We welcome new clients and have hundreds of satisfied customers as references!

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