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Making Elevator Decisions Easy……Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

As buildings continue to re-open, adjust to the “new” traffic patterns, and manage an influx of new tenants and occupiers, many owners and managers of commercial and residential properties are concentrating on cleanliness and safe environments for their public spaces.  Elevators included!!! Property & Facilities managers are finding it difficult to evaluate their existing elevator service company and even more difficult to choose a new provider. See what Champion Elevator can do for you.

There are so many choices and not always knowing what to expect from a provider proves one thing is certain; their need to stay ahead of the maintenance requirements, code updates, tests and inspections, and any related modernization or upgrade work.  It is very time consuming and difficult to know the pitfalls and what to look for when considering a company.  Most elevator companies, big or small, provide similar materials and services, however not all have the same expert advice, knowledge, capabilities, or manpower to service a client properly.  Not all elevator companies are created equal or are managed by hands-on, reliable, state of the art fully integrated teams of experts in the field of maintenance and modernization.


6 Reasons Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Elevator Service Company:


  1. Always ask how many techs does the company have in the area of your location. More importantly how many elevators do they have on their tech’s route.  The answer to this question is not as obvious as one may think…… Donald Gelestino, President and CEO of Champion Elevator “says no more than 80 elevators  per route. For Example, a prospective company says 150,  we know there is no way to possibly perform a proper maintenance job when you include travel time, vacations, holidays, sick time, and shutdown repairs. Why would a company give a technician so many elevators to manage? The theory behind this logic is simple.  “Do more with less”!  A company can save money by overloading and cutting corners, by performing less maintenance requests, versus what actually “should be performed”.   Some elevator service providers neglect routine monthly maintenance requirements, which result in more repairs, overspending, and leaves property managers bearing costs.  This is very inefficient for both parties  especially if an elevator service provider may be trying to stretch a dollar or meet a man hour quoter.  Mr. Gelestino believes all elevators need to be maintained each month and, in some cases, more frequently.  He also states, “can you really over maintain an elevator – I don’t think so; certainly, not from a safety perspective”.
  2. Does the company have any of the same types of elevators on maintenance currently and do they have spare parts readily available.  Some equipment is antiquated which can be a challenge for most companies to get parts in a timely fashion. That’s always a big problem when a part breaks, and the part is needed immediately. Other equipment may be proprietary  in which many companies may not be able to even access the controller’s software to make a repair or assessment of an issue. This can also be a big problem that can arise at ,of course, the most inconvenient times.

When partnering with a company Like Champion you will not have to wait for service.  We inform you of the most recent code changes, which make a huge difference economically and avoid unnecessary problems, specifically before you are charged with fines and penalties by governing jurisdictions for non-compliance.  Alerting you early also allows your team to capital plan months in advance a problem and adhere to compliance laws and updated code assisting in your modernization, without you worrying about the fines.

Calling All Building Owners, Managers And Facilities Operations:

If its time to choose an elevator modernization company to perform an upgrade be prepared to make a long-term decision.  A normal modernization to an elevator that runs under its rated load conditions and proper usage should last for 12-15 years. This decision to modernize, should not be taken lightly, and several factors need to be considered when choosing the service provider.

  1. Is the equipment being installed Proprietary or Nonproprietary material(s)? Nonproprietary equipment ensures that any service provider can access the material and most basic skilled technicians can maintain and repair the equipment when the modernization is completed. Don’t get stuck with Proprietary equipment states Mr. Gelestino.
  2. How many teams does the company have and how much other work do they have on hand.  Sometimes it may seem like good news that the company says they have 20 jobs like yours… but if they only have 4 teams this can lead to a big delay issue when getting started on the project.
  3. It is normal to give a substantial deposit on a modernization.  Make sure the company you choose is financially sound and capable of financing through the modernization final payment and sign-off. The last problem any building needs is to have an elevator out of service for a modernization and learn the service provider went out of business, needs additional funds to complete the job, or even worse cuts corners to get the job done cheaper.
  4. Consultants are a great resource states Mr. Gelestino. An owner should have a reputable consultant help them through the bidding process, vetting process, leveling process and punch list for the job of any shortcomings. Many building owners are very good at managing and investing in real-estate. Owners in most cases do not know elevators and the use of a good consultant is extremely valuable.


Modernization of your elevator infrastructure is no easy feat, so making the right choice of equipment, supplier and installer is of utmost importance.

Champion helps you achieve your goals by providing talented expertise in design and modern techniques performed by expert technicians.   We work hard at eliminating unnecessary costs and we strive to meet deadlines and budget constraints and pride ourselves on meeting these customer goals.

At Champion Elevator we ensure our customers and prospective customers understand what is important when choosing a maintenance contract or modernization contract.   There are key elements that a customer should look for and we are very transparent when it comes to service and safety.   We give honest evaluations, even if it may cost a bit more, to reinforce our abilities to perform the work.  Champion provides a sense of loyalty and form trustworthy relationships.   We are emerging and expanding rapidly, but we never compromise that boutique, white glove, service to our customers.

Champion Elevator is big enough to handle all jobs, but small enough to shake your hand. Check us out at Champion Elevator or call Champion at 212-292-4430.