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Champion Elevator

More Than Your Average Elevator Service Provider

From left: Robert Zalud President of Service, Donald Gelestino President & CEO, George Deering Director
From left: Robert Zalud President of Service, Donald Gelestino President & CEO, George Deering Director

When dealing with elevators, all building Managers, Owners, Facility Engineers, and Maintenance Staff have some basic common goals… Safety, response time, and talent. While most companies provide the same parts and have the same labor pool to select from, the one major piece of the puzzle is talent. The real question is at what level can your service provider cultivate, retain, and produce such talent?

Champion Elevator President, Donald Gelestino finds the question to be challenging, rewarding, but most of all the key to Champion Elevators success.  Mr. Gelestino is a very basic person with just a few philosophies… Be honest, transparent, listen to everyone, and help others.

From left: Ismael “IZZY” Montezuma Repair Supervisor and Frank Frank Feniello Modernization Supervisor

“Be Good and Do Good,” was the mantra of Mr. George Subraj of Zara Realty, a great friend of Mr. Gelestino’s until his passing. The reason for this great friendship was that Mr. Subraj used his apartment building to bring employees and tenants opportunities along with solutions. Mr. Gelestino does this with his company Champion Elevator, “We at Champion Elevator are a team… We strive to help each other become better and constantly hone the latest technology and processes to create the best customer service and reliability of all elevator systems.”

“It is our goal to provide the most real time transparent approach to the elevator market and that’s something a lot of our competition fears.” Mr. Gelestino keeps this mantra going in his everyday relationships and has created a culture of employees who all share this honest and transparent approach. Now that the 157 employee team is set, they are working on software, hardware, and systems to deliver this to all clients!

Champion elevator is a strong company, poised for growth. Champion has recently opened a Connecticut branch, has a Washington DC acquisition in place, in addition to several New York acquisitions on the horizon. It is the goal of Champion Elevator to deploy the most real-time transparent opportunity in the elevator business to their clients by 2021 as well as new acquisition clients.

Mr Gelestino says “Welcome to the New Age in Elevator Technology – Welcome to Champion Elevator”. For more information see, champion-elevator.com