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Discover how Christie’s teams up with Deepblocks for AI innovation

At over 250 years old, the Christie’s brand boasts an incredible legacy, but that’s not stopping Christie’s International Real Estate Group from staying “forever young.” Take A New York Minute to learn about the leading tri state brokerage’s latest partnership with Deepblocks, whose powerful AI tools are already shaping the way real estate is developed and sold.

“We at Christie’s are always looking at how to provide our clients with the next level of service,” says Ilija Pavlovic, Owner, President and CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate Group LLC. “Applying AI technology, we will be able to provide even better, matching buyers with homes that will serve them perfectly.”

Olivia Ramos told TRD how her firm’s software will not only help Christie’s give clients a better experience, but will also fuel agents’ careers by giving them radically new insights into the market. 

“The main impact points would be volume of deals and volume of opportunities,” she explains, describing how Deepblocks reveals “the overlay of many data sets to find patterns that are impossible to find with the human eye.”

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