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Cosmore Launches Full-Service, Custom-Designed Metaverse for the Real Estate Working Environment Prior to New York Expansion

While a number of qualities contribute to success as a real estate agent, the business is ultimately about relationships. Since he founded Cosmore Real Estate Group in Miami, Florida, CEO Piero Ruggeri has been looking for solutions to make the process of building relationships easier for his agents. 

With the September launch of its new office in the metaverse, Cosmore will be a trailblazer in the space and open up exciting new opportunities for its agents to build connections.

In an exclusive interview, The Real Deal sat down with Ruggeri and Cosmore Sales Director Tessa Trlaja to discuss its New York expansion and how Cosmore’s platform (which includes its Metaverse office) helps connect agents and clients no matter where they are. 

Building a Platform Designed for Agents

When Ruggeri was trying out platforms for his brokerage, he was looking for systems that would make day-to-day operations easier for his team. What he found was that existing platforms are almost all designed with the same approach (passive interaction), requiring the agent to fill out forms and upload documents. In many cases, they are time-consuming and do not actually optimize time and work.

“We tried out most of the major CRMs and transaction management systems in the real estate space, and we found them all very similar. They come standardized, and you can’t really make any customizations. The result was that none of them helped my realtors do their jobs better.”

So Ruggeri set out to create a platform that was truly agent-friendly. His solution was to bring on a development team to create a system specifically for Cosmore.

“As we were creating the platform, the agent’s experience was paramount. So we hired a development team that focuses on user experience to build our platform from scratch. They shadowed our agents and conducted dozens of interviews. Based on that research, we created a system that’s interactive, not passive.

The transactions manager portion of the system, called MYCO, acts more like an agent’s assistant, asking questions and often anticipating the answers. So instead of filling out forms at their desk in the office, agents can interact with the platform on their phones during a showing or from the comfort of their homes. Because agents reply to prompts, the process of collecting data is simple, efficient, and much more enjoyable than with other systems. The MYCO app serves as a:

  • Transaction manager
  • Document collector
  • Deadline assistant
  • Office communications assistant
  • Marketing automator
  • Among other features…

In addition to the transaction manager, Cosmore’s technology suite will soon include an innovative property search system for clients and will be ready for presentation at the upcoming The Real Deal Showcase on November 10th in Miami.

Adding the Metaverse to the Mix

By supplementing Cosmore’s physical office space with an office in the metaverse, Ruggeri is innovating real estate interactions with the power of technology.

In the Cosmore metaverse office, agents will have a one-of-a-kind working environment that will enhance their ability to connect and network. The blockchain-based virtual world will be an open public platform, so agents and buyers can access the virtual office from across the country or across the globe. There are many features that meet the real needs of agents, such as communicating easily and quickly with the office, meeting other agents, attending webinars and live streaming for training, scheduling appointments, chatting, entering the world of virtual real estate, and participating in one-on-one and group video calls.

Prior to the permanent public opening, individual events are already accessible by reservation with limited spots. To learn more about the next event click here.

People who enter this kind of environment have the feeling of being part of something alive, of being together with other people inside a real office, noted Trlaja.

“They see avatars moving independently, each with a name, and they know that behind that avatar is a real person ready to interact. There are no social barriers or formalities. Everyone is free to move around, explore, and access the services offered by the brokerage as if they were physically inside the office.“

Ruggeri added, “I first became aware of the metaverse when I noticed my son was playing in the metaverse all the time. At first, I was annoyed because I thought he was being anti-social. Then I realized how much he was actually interacting with his friends, and how it was a big part of their relationship. I saw that the metaverse could be a tool to build even deeper connections. We chose Coderblock’s metaverse because it is tailor-made for businesses and allows us to think about custom dynamics. It also does not require specific skills and does not require the installation of any software, which promotes casual user onboarding.”

Expanding into the New York Market

As Miami-based Cosmore eyes multi-state expansion, Ruggeri sees the metaverse office being an invaluable resource to connect agents in different markets. And as they plan to open a physical office in New York, the virtual office will play a big role in attracting agents for their team.

Trlaja explained, “The metaverse is a tool that provides endless opportunities for connectivity. It’s not meant to replace physical interactions, but it actually creates a parallel growth channel in which connections are simple and immediate. Our whole team has already seen its benefits, and we’re excited to start networking with our colleagues in New York through the technology.”

Our goal is always to make our realtors’ lives better and help them grow their careers, stated Ruggeri.

“And we want to give them the tools to succeed in the current real estate market as well as equip them for what’s to come. Imagine, for example, if you could receive a commission in cryptocurrency, trade an NFT, or sign a smart contract to close a deal. This is the real difference between a metaverse and any other virtual environment. And because of this, in all relevant sectors, the metaverse will help the emergence of new business opportunities and improve the quality of work life.”

To get more information about openings in Cosmore’s New York office, visit its Careers page. And to see details about its exciting metaverse environment, click here.