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LA’s Most Exclusive Breakfast Club Meets Daily at Ten Thousand

Luxury Estate Agent at The Agency Zac Mostame, The HF Estates Co-Founder Jack Harris and Ten Thousand General Manager Nicole Browne
Luxury Estate Agent at The Agency Zac Mostame, The HF Estates Co-Founder Jack Harris and Ten Thousand General Manager Nicole Browne

Behind a glass facade and past layers of security lives LA’s most exclusive community. 

Rising from the edge of Century City and towering over Beverly Hills, Ten Thousand is the crown jewel of Los Angeles rental buildings. Brought to you by Crescent Heights, the high-rise boasts magazine-worthy interiors, unobstructed views of the LA basin, amenities that put most five-star resorts to shame, an 80-person staff that provides round-the-clock personalized service, and a dedication to maintaining residents’ privacy that extends even to this article. But the theme that emerged when TRD spoke with a couple of longtime residents (who chose to reveal their identities) was how living at the building made them feel like they were part of an exclusive members club, a unique feature that you won’t find in any other luxe building’s list of features. So come with us for a rare look inside Ten Thousand with General Manager Nicole Browne, building resident and Luxury Estate Agent at The Agency Zac Mostame, and former resident and The HF Estates Co-Founder Jack Harris.

Luxury as a Service

When Ten Thousand opened its doors in 2017, it created a new level of luxury living at a rental property.

“There is not a single building in the US that I know of, honestly, that brings the same level of service,” says Mostame, who is entering his third year of residency at Ten Thousand. “You can’t find a building with this level of service unless you’re comparing it to a 5-star hotel.”

The concept is simple in theory (think Melrose Place meets White Lotus) but takes a full-time staff of nearly 100 to execute properly. Browne, who joined the team five months after the building opened, walked us through the ways in which Ten Thousand differentiates itself from other rental buildings in LA and around the country.

“At one point, when we first opened, we were successful in setting ourselves apart from any competition just with the amount of amenity space alone,” she recalls. “75,000 square feet was unheard of when we started.” As other buildings with robust amenities packages came to market, Ten Thousand has kept itself ahead of the game by continuing to evolve its offerings (recent popular additions include pickleball, complete with custom Ten Thousand paddles, and a cold plunge) and by offering unique amenities tailored to the lifestyles of its rich and famous residents.

“They wash your car, and they charge your car if it’s electric,” says Mostame, who also mentions the much-publicized Rolls Royce that chauffeurs residents to and from nearby dining and shopping destinations, “Even little things like a package room with ready-to-go FedEx packages, perfect for residents who work from home, make everyday life a little easier.”

“Time is so valuable,” explains Browne, “That’s really what matters to those who have it all.” On top of the state-of-the-art amenities, watertight security systems, and veil of privacy, Ten Thousand residents renew their leases because the level of service provided protects their most valuable asset – time. 

“Time is a luxury, and Ten Thousand is a luxury building,” says Browne. “We really try to take care of our residents so they can simply focus on enjoying their impeccable lifestyle.”

Breakfast of Champions

The residents we spoke with mentioned a host of ways in which Ten Thousand staff makes them feel cared for, from personalized notes in their Postmates orders to remembering their dog’s name, but the thing that came up over and over was the daily breakfast.

“You see all these familiar faces,” recalls Harris, “and over time you start to share breakfast with lots of people and learn about them.” Harris, who recently moved out of Ten Thousand, said that the hardest part of leaving the building was saying goodbye to the residents with whom he’d become close during those breakfasts. “It’s a lot more emotional leaving there than it would be leaving a house,” he says. “You’re leaving the people you surround yourself with every day.”

The choice to offer complimentary breakfast, complete with pastries, smoked salmon, and oatmeal, was a conscious one, says Browne, who calls breakfast “a really organic place for our residents to meet and build meaningful connections with their neighbors.” After all, “you only have a bowl of cereal with people you really like.” 

On top of being a social space for residents, the Ten Thousand breakfast is a microcosm of the building’s philosophy that residents should feel like they’re part of a private club.

What happens at Ten Thousand stays at Ten Thousand

This thoughtful approach extends to celebrating residents’ many milestones. “We host over 75 private resident events outside of our community events every year,” says Browne. From bridal showers to first birthday parties “for our tiniest residents,” many choose to honor their milestones with us at Ten Thousand. 

“I think it warms the hearts of a lot of our employees,” says Browne. “Not only did they see these people move in, but they’ve seen them turn from boyfriend and girlfriend to being engaged to being married. We’re really here to create a positive impact on each and every resident.”

Of course, one of the Ten Thousand team’s top priorities is to make sure that what happens in the building stays in the building. “We pride ourselves on security and privacy,” emphasizes Browne. “We work really hard to ensure that the level of privacy that we provide is beyond any expected standard, which goes a long way in Los Angeles.” She mentions that part of the staff’s training involves keeping residents’ identities protected regardless of the tactics that various outlets may attempt to get that information.

“This is a private residence, not a hotel,” says Browne, whose goal is for residents to “walk through those doors, leave all worries behind, and enjoy their stunning home.”

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