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Revolutionizing the LED Lighting Industry

Jersey Mike’s Los Angeles - A prime example of i-Luminosity’s commercial LED applications
Jersey Mike’s Los Angeles - A prime example of i-Luminosity’s commercial LED applications

i-Luminosity has been a tastemaker in the LED Lighting industry for the past 10 years. In 2007, Murray Sarway (President & CEO) had a vision of bringing energy savings to commercial buildings. He began looking into the solar panel industry where he supplied and installed solar panels upon 2 buildings in Brooklyn, each with 85 -100 units per building.
As he began working on his third building, the family patriarch of the real estate firm asked “What else can you do to save me energy costs for my buildings?”

In 2010, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) were just entering the US market. Who knew the benefits and standards LED’s would bring into our industry. Murray requested samples from China where he began exploring the layers of cost benefits he could offer his clients. He installed his first samples in a parking garage of a building in Brooklyn. Later that afternoon he received a call from Mr. Gregory Rigas, an electrician by trade, to sit down alongside him and a team of executives in Red Hook. Within a short time he advised entrepreneur Murray Sarway how business was going to work. They were to get on a plane to China, buy the LED Factory, and blow LED bulbs across the US Market. After that meeting Murray knew he had a sustainable business on his hands. Murray made a submission of samples to Con Edison and he was the first in New York to be approved for LED retrofit rebates.

Over the course of 2 years Murray pounded the pavement to build a customer base of credible clients across the national market. One constant in all of his projects was he found that quality service and industry knowledge are the most valuable things you can offer a client. Being direct from the factory, it allowed Murray to understand the supply chain behind the LED Lighting Industry in North America. For the past 100 years, the industry standard for buying lighting has always been through distributors creating layers of cost and bureaucracy. i-Luminosity cut out the middle men by working directly with their customers. Murray operates on the Manufacturer-to-User model, and passes any savings straight to his customers.

The first retail chain i-Luminosity picked up was none other than Morton Williams Supermarkets. Morton Williams CEO, Morty Sloan is considered to be one of the most respected people in the retail industry today. Within a short time, the duo retrofitted all the stores across the Tri-State area. Murray worked with Con Edison on gathering energy savings rebates on his current stores while they began planning his new build outs.
“Our new build outs are like a night and day comparison. The store is so much brighter and softer on the eyes. People like what they’re seeing, and that has translated to merchandise selling better. The retrofits went in very fast. We value i-Luminosity’s advice on lighting solutions. It has been a dependable partner to us for years. Saving money on KWH while improving sales is a win-win.”
– Morty Sloan & Avi Kaner, CEO’s of Morton Williams

Morton Williams Lincoln Center

Morton Williams Lincoln Center

In a recent new buildout at Morton Williams Lincoln Center, Morton Williams Store Designers requested a unique pendant they found online. It retailed for $600 and gave i-Luminosity the challenge of producing this product in house. The pendant needed to be a pewter finish outside with a copper finish inside, 24IN in diameter. Murray designed the pendant with a 10 foot power cord for $275, a fraction of the cost. The team at i-Luminosity is proud to have been supplying LED lighting plans and fixtures for Morton Williams for nearly the past 10 years.

“It is an honor to work alongside the team at Morton Williams; Morty, Bill Sloan, & Avi Kaner are a pleasure to work with and I am forever grateful for their business.”
– (Murray Sarway, President & CEO of i-Luminosity)

Morton Williams Lincoln Center - Interior

Morton Williams Lincoln Center – Interior

As i-Luminosity continues to grow throughout the country they have built partnerships with major players in the Construction Industry, supplying LED lighting fixtures, sensors, and controls. Murray has worked off referrals and word of mouth which led him to an appointment with Treasure Island Self Storage. The meeting was set with Joseph Zekaria, Director of Construction and Project Management for Treasure Island. Murray began his pitch and showed his samples, he recalls looking over at Mr. Zekaria was looking at his watch in the meeting until Murray mentioned pricing. Zekaria’s ears perked up and in a matter of minutes his team of people were hovering around the plans. This specific project, Arcis was built to be the first duty free art storage facility in the United States. At over 100,000 sq.ft this project required heavy players. After running the numbers, they discovered that i-Luminosity’s direct from factory pricing would save Treasure Island over $250,000 on the lighting package that they were originally quoted by their distributor. After speaking with multiple distributors, Treasure Island moved forward with the team at i-Luminosity. Arcis was built off the concept of each unit to look like a showroom where the art could be shown and sold. Currently i-Luminosity is working on their sixth self storage building with the team at Treasure Island.

“I was quoted a lighting plan for over $500,000 from my normal lighting supplier. I heard of [I-Luminosity] from a colleague of mine who told me they could cut my lighting plan costs in half. The results have been phenomenal. I now call Murray for all of my lighting solutions, even the most generic of questions.
– Joseph Zekaria, Director of Construction & Project Management

Arcis Art Storage

Arcis Art Storage

At i-Luminosity, service is the cornerstone of their business. As we all know, we have sat on hold for hours, waited days for answers from distributors, or have been transferred 6 times to find the appropriate person. When you begin a project at i-Luminosity you are given a representative who is your direct point of contact for all your lighting needs. From the beginning stages of a walkthrough to 7 years later if you are in need of replacements. Our team is available every step of the way.

This business model is what helped their top sales women win over the project managers responsible for the new Jetblue/ TWA terminal at JFK airport. It is not everyday you receive a call saying you are responsible for lighting a historic landmark terminal at an airport. i-Luminosity was involved in the beginning stages of the walkthroughs where they learned of the many challenges they would face constructing this historic flight center. The flight center has no right angles in the building and was expected to be the greenest building in NYC. This 200,000 sq foot terminal was receiving a $265 million dollar remodel. It would require over 12 miles of LED lighting with various RGB control settings for different lighting moods. After nearly 2 years of planning and constructing, the terminal was unveiled to the public in the Spring of 2019. JFK’s TWA Flight Center features 12 restaurants, a fitness center, 5 retail shops, and over 60,000 sq foot of event space.

JetBlue TWA Terminal - JFK Airport, New York City

JetBlue TWA Terminal – JFK Airport, New York City

Need more reasons to work with i-Luminosity? They pride themselves on being responsible for your entire lighting package. i-Luminosity will work with you and your architects to develop your buildings lighting plan. From start to finish they handle it all. Their product line is available online where you will find an array of LED fixtures, sensors, and controls to handle all your lighting needs. From indoor, outdoor, to in the ground lighting i-Luminosity was built to handle projects of all sizes. They offer sensors & controls which can be added to various products along with RGB & UV options. Finally the most unique service i-Luminosity offers their clients is a comparison chart analysis. You can email murray@i-luminosity.com where you can submit your current lighting package and receive a free estimate from i-Luminosity with comparable products at a fraction of the cost. i-Luminosity is direct from the factory, allowing them to give you the best pricing in the industry. Contact Murray and his team at i-Luminosity for your free consultation for your next commercial build out.

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