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To sell luxury, developers are reimagining the kitchen

Appliance designer JennAir brand is behind a push from traditional luxury to new luxury

Everything has changed. How we work. Where we work. What we do and when we do it. For high-end developers, architects, designers and brokers, that means asking the big question: why have the same luxury brands been used for over two decades in the kitchen?

“For too long, luxury kitchens have been designed with a compliant mindset that conforms to a one-size-fits-all notion of luxury,” JennAir Marketing and Product Director Chelsey Whitehead tells The Real Deal.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the US, many dwellers looked at their kitchens again with fresh eyes. Working from home and with restaurants closed, suddenly the kitchen became a necessity. It not only had to look good, but it also had to be good. It had to be functional, innovative and offer a unique reflection of an unexpected new lifestyle.

It’s a shift in the luxury real estate market that has made JennAir – which recently opened a showroom in Manhattan’s A&D Building – a not-so-secret weapon for urban developers looking for an edge in the market.

A few years ago the brand hit pause. They saw the standards of luxury begin to transform in other industries. JennAir decided to lead that movement and to shift the appliance industry forward in the spirit of other innovative brands. The brand created two new distinct aesthetics dubbed RISE™ design expression and NOIR™ design expression, as well as limited edition Statement Pieces. They reimagined appliances to reflect consumer expectations. Luxury should be limitless, creating kitchen designs that feel truly bespoke. Allowing consumers to live outside the lines with adaptive pieces that can be customized for any space.

“Today’s luxury consumers live on their own terms. JennAir is driving the luxury appliance category forward with provocative design that unapologetically challenges convention,” said Whitehead. Across our offerings, we’re giving designers the tools necessary to transform the way new modern luxe consumers experience life in the kitchen.”

In other words, JennAir empowers developers, architects and designers to remove barriers in order to design for the consumers of this new world with highly customized configurations and cutting-edge appliances that break the luxury mold. Even property managers sitting on luxury units have a compelling avenue with JennAir? appliances to modernize their kitchens in order to be uniquely positioned during this unprecedented state of the world.

Founded by Louis J. Jenn in 1947, JennAir was the first to introduce downdraft ventilation into kitchens, eliminating the need for an overhead hood, nearly four decades ago. That innovation allowed architects to open up the kitchen, remove walls and create clear lines of sight. It made the kitchen the center of the home.

Inspired by that DNA, JennAir brand is now on a path to forge the new standard of luxury poignantly appropriate for today’s environment with over 5000 kitchen combinations to create a truly bespoke design.

Developers and architects think about luxury homes beyond a design masterpiece. It’s therefore not surprising that when they want more than just a functional kitchen technology, they would turn to the brand that is forward-thinking, incorporating insights from key urban and global markets such as fashion, art, jewelry, technology and automobiles into the design approach of their appliances.

“Our design team defies the notion of traditional luxury by disrupting the appliance category and pushing the new modern luxe consumer to reimagine a more progressive world,” says Roberto

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