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Redefining 100% Brokerages

Bobby Mahallati - Broker/ Owner of London Foster Realty. Photo Credit - @DanielBlackent
Bobby Mahallati - Broker/ Owner of London Foster Realty. Photo Credit - @DanielBlackent


Using technology to disrupt an industry is not an easy task and The Real Estate business is no exception. Growing a business in this climate has been deemed to be impossible. But with strategy and ownership, London Foster was able to grow exponentially and make the INC 500 in 2020. “By owning our own proprietary back office software, we are able to constantly change, upgrade, re-evaluate and implement new, efficient strategies immediately.  We were COVID ready before pandemic came about. A lot of other companies and big box brokerages use third party back office software that can be slow to upgrade and adapt.” – Bobby Mahallati Broker/Owner of London Foster Realty

London Foster leverages technology through their proprietary back office software to assist in compliance, marketing, and education, which allows the company to save money and then pass those savings on to the realtor.

After establishing a strong foot-hold as a 100% commission Miami brokerage, London Foster opened in New York as of 2019 with over 700 associates between the two states.

The company has doubled in size year over year since its founding in 2014, which is a testament to the influence of the brokerage’s operational structure, given the competitive nature of the South Florida residential market; the largest MLS in the country. Their growth is forecasted to continue with offices opening in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia.

London Foster Realty continually introduces new ways to utilize technology for the Real Estate industry, by working through a platform that allows all of their realtors to stay connected all day, every day, making their transactions flow consistently by giving them a working platform where they can utilize tools that help them work and educate themselves on transactions at every stage of the buying cycle; from the initial offer to the closing date.

When it comes to education, technology is an ally, establishing streamlined communication and training for all realtors, no matter where they are. London Foster offers frequent online and in office training sessions, as well as webinars, which are effective ways to communicate, organize, and educate their associates to ensure their success. 

London Foster works everyday to implement the use of technology as one of their industry-leading pillars of success. This includes broker support, marketing support, automated systems and multiple office locations. “Licensed and experienced professional realtors are being trained everyday to use our proprietary software that improves the real estate process from start to finish. We call this training The London Foster 101 and it’s online via ZOOM 5 times a week.” Bobby Mahallati – Broker and Owner of London Foster Realty

Having a business model that allows associates to constantly learn, grow, and prosper as a part of a winning team is London Foster’s mission statement. The brokerage utilizes systems which tap into the largest real estate and rental advertising networks in the world, giving them critical advantages in their markets. These solutions not only empower the specific agent, but also empower their clients, allowing for them to be well-informed and assure that they are being advised by a true professional, whenever the need may arise.

Real Estate has changed, has grown, has advanced. We know we’re in a time where agents  need to embrace all facets of technology and change instead of fearing it. It’s a tool that will define growth and, above all, get ahead of direct competitors when utilized properly.

At this pivotal moment in our country’s, and world’s history, there’s no better time than now to reflect on missed opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more about the competitive advantages offered by London Foster, contact them to learn more or schedule an interview. 

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