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Lone Wolf

The superpowered solution in your hands

Interview with David Anderson, founder of LionDesk

Agents expect some standard things from their transaction solution: Accurate data from the MLS, ease of use in filling out contracts, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

But believe it or not, an agent’s transaction management solution is a tremendous untapped resource, a superpowered solution right there at their fingertips.

We interviewed David Anderson, GM of Agents for Lone Wolf Technologies, on the end-to-end platform in every agent’s reach today.

“It’s the member benefit: Transactions (zipForm Edition). It already offers agents everything they need for deals—forms, templates, doc storage—but there’s a whole set of tools in there that many agents aren’t fully aware of; a slew of features and functionality that can help them provide a complete experience to their clients from the second the listing hits the MLS till the day they move into their new home.”

Anderson heads the agent organization at Lone Wolf, real estate’s leading technology provider for agents and brokers. In the last 10 years, the 32-year-old tech company expanded beyond back office management to also offer leading solutions for CMA, CRM, digital marketing, transaction management, eSignature and more. In fact, Anderson came to Lone Wolf during this period of vast expansion, joining the company earlier this year through its acquisition of LionDesk, the company Anderson founded and grew to become the provider of real estate’s #1 CRM.

“It was a great thing—LionDesk and Lone Wolf coming together. They had leading solutions for transaction management, and the top eSignature tool, Authentisign, while we offered the top CRM in the industry. Bringing these solutions together under one roof was a natural connection and something our mutual clients wanted, and we were happy to oblige. Now, the future is brighter than ever for all of our agent-centric solutions.”While transaction management has traditionally been thought of as tool that associations or brokers command, agents are starting to take complete control of the platform so critical to their business. That’s because they’ve realized the transaction is only the tip of the iceberg in the entire experience of a buyer and sellers, a gateway to a complete—and completely digital—client experience.

“In the past two years, Transactions has grown to include a complete set of integrated tools, services, solutions—everything from award-winning CMAs and virtual showings to digital earnest deposits and home inspection orders. We’ve partnered with First American and others so you can order title insurance directly through Transactions. And finally, we’re working to connect our new lead gen solution, Boost, which gets 1 million ad impressions on Facebook a day, as well as LionDesk CRM, so agents can literally do everything they have to do for their business, for their clients, for their brokerage—in one place.”

Lone Wolf is also adding more innovative features and functionality for both agents and homebuyers and sellers. The company has just released the new Authentisign, real estate’s #1 eSignature solution built right into Transactions, to feature a new transaction workspace and the ability to complete signings in three steps. Lone Wolf is also leveraging machine learning and AI to ready the release of its next generation smart forms, featuring auto-check for errors and omissions, a mobile workspace, and the use of machine-learning to provide autosuggestions and contextual insights. These advances will help agents work faster than ever with their clients and command their entire business in a single solution.

“Smart agents are taking ownership of their tech stack and we’re excited to put an unmatched lineup of solutions at their fingertips. Lone Wolf Transactions puts real estate in their hands, the way it should be.”