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Video: As South Florida’s market booms, ONE Sotheby’s stays on top


“This year, 2021, I’ve probably done about 10 times what I did in 2020 in actual sales,” ONE Sotheby’s SVP Jorge Uribe said. And he wasn’t alone; as TRD’s Brand Studio spoke with the firm’s top agents and marketing professionals, it became clear that the luxury buyers flooding to South Florida have created a huge wave for the real estate industry to ride.

Though it remains independently owned and family operated, ONE Sotheby’s has become one of the largest firms in South Florida. And its partnership with the internationally renowned fine art house has helped its brokers connect to a pool of luxury buyers around the world. “It’s a global brand,” broker Anna Sherrill said. “I think it’s above par to all.”

As South Florida opens back up to international buyers amidst a tight market, the company’s executives are putting support systems in place to keep their agents on top. “[Our agents] have the best technology, the best resources, and really the best hands-on approach to their business in the industry,” company president Daniel de la Vega said. 

Both his brokers and his clients seemed to agree. “One Sotheby’s has been a really great partner for us,” Location Ventures’ Joanna Davila told Brand Studio, citing the company’s global reach and attention to detail. “I love the company that I work with,” Sherrill said.

Watch the video for more on One Sotheby’s business and their predictions for the future of South Florida real estate.