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ONE Sotheby’s International Realty Celebrates its 2023 Agents of Influence

<p>Pictured: Michael Martinez, Albert Justo, Jorge Uribe, Elena Bluntzer, Dennis Carvajal, Mirce Curkoski</p>

Pictured: Michael Martinez, Albert Justo, Jorge Uribe, Elena Bluntzer, Dennis Carvajal, Mirce Curkoski

The 2023 Agents of Influence were announced, and The Real Deal caught up with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty’s President Daniel de la Vega to learn what set these agents apart and to get his take on where his team is heading this year. The elite agents on the list represent the best-performing real estate professionals along Florida’s East Coast, a territory known for its variety of high-end properties and influx of international capital. Succeeding here is a badge of honor, and the Agents of Influence have proven themselves worthy time and again, as the market continues to evolve.

Mayi de la Vega, Founder and CEO at ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

“2022 was another banner year for our agents, but it did come with some unique challenges,” said de la Vega, who highlighted historically low inventory, macroeconomic headwinds, and rising interest rates as just a few of the hurdles that his team had to jump last year. What separated the top performers from their peers was their ability to “expertly navigate the quickly shifting market to guide their clients and help them find wonderful investment opportunities,” said de la Vega. “What sets a top producer apart is their ability to consistently provide incredible value to their clients, regardless of the market’s current conditions.” 

ONE Sotheby’s International Realty: Daniel de la Vega, President, Cindy O’Dare, Kristin Dobson, Richard Boga

Michael Martinez (#1) was recognized as ONE Sotheby’s International Realty’s top producer in 2022, with nearly $167 Million in sales volume and multiple record-breaking sales in Pinecrest, followed by Dennis Carvajal PA (#2), Jorge Uribe (#3), Elena Bluntzer (#4), Susan Rindley (#5), Rafael Arias (#6), Talle Genoni (#7), Sandra Tagliamonte (#8), David Settgast (#9), and Jessica Adams (#10).

Leading the top producing teams are The Waterfront Team (#1) with over $204 Million in sales, MR Luxury Group (#2), The Coto Group (#3), Abaunza Group (#4), Anna Sherrill (#5), Gibbs Baum Team (#6), Duek Lara Team (#7), The Chad Bishop Group (#8), Brigitte Lina Group (#9), and The Elmir Group (#10). 

Earning the top spots for small teams are Worldwide Group (#1) with over $106 Million in sales, Moorman Group (#2), Nestler-Poletto (#3), Lipskar Goldshtein Group (#4), The RS Team (#5), The Kleer & Garcia-Diaz Team (#6), ADLV Luxury Group (#7) Barre Crosby Team (#8), JOE & JIM Team (#9), and Joelle & Team (#10). 

Manny Chamizo III was awarded the No. 1 spot for commercial sales, followed by Susan Gale Group. The top producing new associates with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty are led by O’Dare Boga Dobson Group, followed by The Miller Group, Rusty Hanna, Mina Taskiran, and Irina Teneva.

Catena Group’s Catalina Martinez, Ena Espino, Damian Silvi (#1) earned the top spot for development sales, followed by Anna Sherrill (#2), Amy Ballon (#3), Lisa Whitacker (#4), Jorge Uribe.

ONE Sotheby’s International Realty: Saddy Abaunza, Jill Balli, Mayi de la Vega, Anna Sherrill, Macarena Gomez

Whether they were independent or a team, the Agents of Influence secured record deals, leveraging both their knowledge of Florida’s East Coast market and the Sotheby’s brand to go above and beyond the competition. Looking forward to 2023, de la Vega called out the Agents of Influence’s ability to take full advantage of Sotheby’s International Realty unrivaled global network and keep pushing themselves as the key indicators of future achievement. “They’re continuously challenging themselves to raise the bar that they have set for their own success,” said de la Vega. “They understand their markets better than anyone and have an uncompromising commitment to excellence.”

Take a look at the full Agents of Influence list here.