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Unlock your portfolio’s full earning potential: higher yields through shorter stays

Rabbu helps you make better, higher-yielding short-term rental investment decisions

Passive income should be exactly that, passive income. Make better, higher-yielding short term rental decisions with Rabbu’s free data insights tools and STR earning projections.

Whether you’re looking to grow your existing real estate portfolio or streamline management and operations of an existing property, Rabbu’s tech-forward platform can help optimize your earnings.

It can often be difficult for investors in the short-term rental space to get a solid understanding of how exactly a property will perform as an STR. Traditional listing platforms don’t supply the information investors need to make solid investment decisions. Our proprietary technology over at data.rabbu.com allows investors to project revenue potential for rentals they’re interested in based on nearby comparables, for free.

Investors can plug in any address and immediately find its projected monthly seasonalized short-term rental revenue based on nearby short-term rental properties. Rabbu’s free address data tool offers the option to refine the comp set by including or excluding properties for reasons such as amenities offered, general aesthetic, and more. Plus, our new Map Mode offers the flexibility to refine comp properties based off of location, giving even more data insights and empowering even more accurate earnings potential. This new feature is just one of the ways we integrate direct feedback from our highly engaged customers and network of STR professionals, as well as the years of STR investment experience contained within the Rabbu team.

For investors who have their sights set on specific monthly revenue projections or ideal cap rates but don’t have a property or market in mind, Rabbu identifies the best off-market STR investment opportunities and delivers them to you twice weekly. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get a first look at our top investment opportunities each week.  Subscribe here 

Explore our free address estimator at https://data.rabbu.com/.