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Before You Make Your Next Real Estate Career Move, Consider This.

Side connects ambitious agents to fast growing teams and provides career coaching to help agents get to the next level.

Nneka Jenkins, Team Lead, Real Estate Experts
Nneka Jenkins, Team Lead, Real Estate Experts

The fastest way for an agent who is facilitating $5M a year in sales to get to $20M a year in sales is to work with a team. Teams dominate real estate today – and that’s not going to change. 

When a diverse group of people with balanced strengths and weaknesses who share similar values and work preferences come together – everyone grows as individuals and producers.

But as an agent, how do you find your ideal team? And how do you identify the right career opportunity to help you take your career to the next level? That is where Side comes in.


Meet the Real Estate Matchmakers

Lead by Aisha Chiappetta, the recruiting team at Side helps driven real estate agents grow their business by partnering them with highly experienced teams.  

Chiappetta says, “As an agent, it’s very difficult to determine the culture of a brokerage or team when you’re looking at it from the outside in. A majority of recruiters screen resumes and work to fill vacancies based on experience, but a resume only reveals so much about how you like to work and what your critical success factors are. 

Our recruiting team digs deeper. We learn what truly drives you and what you need to be fulfilled in a work environment. We’re always looking to connect with top real estate agents to evaluate whether we have a market-leading team that’s a good match with your personality and career goals.”

Side’s one-of-a-kind recruiting process illustrates the company’s commitment to doing things differently in an industry that has been stagnant for far too long. 

Here’s an example of how partnering with a top producer helped an up-and-coming agent take her career to new heights.


Nneka Jenkins Finds Her Ideal Team; Quadruples Her Annual Production

Just a year after getting her license, Nneka Jenkins broke into the top one percent in Silicon Valley. Shortly thereafter, she was introduced to Brett Jennings, the Founder of Real Estate Experts, who gave her an opportunity to join his team. 

After partnering with Real Estate Experts, Jenkins grew her individual annual production from $15.6M in 2018 to just under $85M in just three years. Collectively, Real Estate Experts did over $440M last year, with strong leaders like Jenkins leading the charge and propelling their success.

Jenkins found an incredible mentor in Jennings. She said, “Brett and previous mentors have been really important to me. They push me to the next level and never let me settle for mediocrity in my life. I’ve pushed well beyond what I ever expected.”

Now the leader of a team of four real estate experts, Jenkins continues to grow. She says, “It’s really exciting to see people jump on board with your vision and your plan for the future in real estate.

I’m very passionate about making sure the experience is amazing for each client because that’s the brand I’m leaving behind. One of my biggest misconceptions about growing my team was that I would lose the personal touch that my clients love and refer me for. That’s not true because I’m able to help more families in a shorter amount of time by leveraging my resources.”


Career Coaching Results in Better Opportunities for Agents Seeking Growth

Side’s recruiting team is dedicated to building relationships that support mentorship, development, and long-term success. The team exclusively supports agent-owned brands led by top producers ranking among the top 5% of agents in the country (which means huge financial growth potential for job seekers).

Since Side Partners have diverse business models and staffing needs, you have the opportunity to be matched with a team that’s structured to fit your career goals. Whether you’re newer to real estate and you want to grow, or you’ve built a nice career for yourself and are looking to level up, Side has opportunities available. We also match agents based on what type of role they’re pursuing. Some want to partner with an existing team, while others prefer to build and lead their own team. 

In addition to being able to pursue a variety of career paths, agents who partner with Side also enjoy one-of-a-kind career-enhancing services. This includes belonging to a collaborative community of top agents, in-house marketing support, and access to best-in-class technology – all designed to service the unique needs of Side supported high-volume teams.


Side Teams Offer Community, Collaboration, and Incredible Growth Potential

Below, two agents share how making the decision to partner with high production teams brokered by Side has positively impacted their life.

Hayley Kerstein, Lead Buyer’s Agent, Elevate Real Estate

Hayley Kerstein found an ideal fit with Elevation Real Estate, founded by Eddie O’ Sullivan. She says, “I’m kind of in shock by what I’ve been able to do. I attribute a lot of that to being aligned with an amazing mentor. It’s a partnership that changed the way that I worked.

Now I can succeed with somebody and we can do amazing things for our clients together. Being with Side, we form this really close-knit relationship with other agents. To be able to interact and bounce things off each other and learn things from each other is a game-changer.” Since partnering with O’ Sullivan and the Elevation team, Kerstein loves going to work every day, and she’s consistently facilitating $20M $30M production each year.

Marcell Neri, Realtor, Kinoko Real Estate

Marcell Neri was a lawyer before he went into real estate. In 2017, he partnered with Kevin Gueco, the founder of Kinoko Real Estate. Neri says, “I personally have seen the greatest growth this year in income, and I absolutely attribute that to Side. It’s been kind of amazing to see how things have transformed, and then also to see what could be possible.” Neri grew his personal production from $6M in 2017 to $19M in 2020.

These are the kinds of relationships the Side recruiting team is working to establish every day.


This Could Be the Start of a Life-Changing Partnership

Successfully pairing talented agents with top real estate teams requires far more than matching a resume to a job description. The right fit needs to be equally beneficial to all parties involved. Side understands this and we deliver, end to end. 

The Side recruiting team is actively seeking top real estate talent to partner with top-producing teams in California, Texas, and Florida – with nationwide expansion coming soon. Visit sideinc.com for more information.