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The New Miami Luxe: Back-to-Nature Opulence

Top producer Lucas Boccheciampe partnered with Side to found a boutique luxury brand that champions the Miami dream.

What does luxury mean to you? Is it spending a quiet morning on your paddleboard, or the Ferrari you drove to the beach? The wind in your hair when you’re on the ocean with your family, or the size of your boat?

For top-producing Miami agent Lucas Boccheciampe, the answer is simple: Luxury is a lifestyle, not a price tag. The right house can provide you with the sumptuous joys that make life worth living — and that matters a lot more than how much it costs.

Boccheciampe was so committed to the idea of luxury as a lifestyle, he built his entire career around it.

“I have my pilot’s license, and I love the ability to fly any time I feel like it,” explains Boccheciampe. “That’s luxury to me. I may not be flying the latest Cessna, but it feels as if I were. That’s what I’m trying to promote in my real estate business: In spite of your means, you can still have an incredible experience.”


Building an authentic business

Instead of targeting high-cost homes for the sake of the commission, Boccheciampe concentrates on neighborhoods that deliver on the luxurious, outdoorsy way of life he loves. Specifically, he focuses on Key Biscayne: the lush, sun-soaked hamlet just south of Miami.

Key Biscayne has Boccheciampe’s heart: It’s where he lives, where his children go to school, where he spends weekends cycling and swimming and out on his boat. It’s not the biggest market, and prices range between a reasonable (for Miami) $2 million to $25 million, but it’s Boccheciampe’s primary focus because of how perfectly it aligns with his values. And to Boccheciampe, authenticity matters above all else. 

“I like to work with people who like island living, who like flying airplanes or playing sports,” says Boccheciampe. “People who understand that luxury doesn’t have to be a 135-foot-long yacht.”


The right partner supports your values, not just your growth

His strategy has worked: Since getting his start in 2014, Boccheciampe grew his Key Biscayne business to a referral-driven machine averaging $13-18 million per year in volume. But he soon realized that in order to hit new milestones, he would need more support — especially if he wanted to stay true to his vision. 

That’s when he decided to partner with Side: a tech-backed brokerage that works behind the scenes to empower top-producing agents to grow their market share. Together, Boccheciampe and Side designed and launched Vantage Luxury Real Estate, a boutique brand that exudes his unique style of “back-to-nature” opulence. “I put everything I am into this brand,” he says.

Armed with Side’s tech stack, marketing resources, and dedicated business management, Boccheciampe now gets to focus on putting systems in place for predictable growth.

“I’ve worked at different brokerages during my career,” says Boccheciampe. “At Side, I feel completely supported. Having all these experts focusing on your business is incredible.”

Now that he has the support he needs, Boccheciampe will be able to grow his business without having to expand his definition of luxury. In fact, he’s on track to double his volume in 2021 and is gearing up for a major marketing push. 

No matter how much growth he achieves, Boccheciampe’s core business philosophy will never change.

He doesn’t sell real estate — he sells a lifestyle. #thevantagelifestyle

For more information on partnering with Side, visit sideinc.com. Miami agents, come check out Side in person at the exclusive Luxury of Life event on June 16, 2021, co-sponsored by The Luxury Network.