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Coliving Stands as a Strong Asset Class Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

As coliving proves its resilience, Starcity launches a new platform for accredited investors to back new developments

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic it was unclear how coliving as an asset class would navigate the rapidly evolving conditions in the rental market. Early indicators gave the industry cause for concern, but in spite of the conditions stacked against coliving, Starcity is ending 2020 strong with demand and occupancy levels higher than pre-pandemic figures. The following report compiles together the trends we saw in 2020 and actions we have taken to best protect our members and communities. 

Coliving’s strong performance makes us even more excited to further work towards our mission: make great cities more accessible to everyone. We do this through the creation of comfortable communal homes that inspire more intentional living. As we move towards our next chapter, we’re looking towards new ways to innovate and streamline our business. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with Republic, the leading private investing platform for accredited investors seeking high growth potential. Together we’re launching our revolutionary new investment platform, invest.starcity.com. Accredited investors will now have standardized access to back select Starcity coliving development projects. 

This allows everyday investors to come alongside our institutional partners. Typically this was a walled garden for only a select few to access. We’re democratizing participation in these types of developments now and excited for people to check it out!

Download the report below to access our full findings on coliving’s performance during the pandemic as well as more information on our first offering through Republic, Starcity Minna.

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