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StreetEasy Tech Tools You May Not Know About (and Why Agents Love Them)

Product images showing StreetEasy’s Experts Resource Center, listing performance dashboard, Agent Tools, and agent profiles.
Product images showing StreetEasy’s Experts Resource Center, listing performance dashboard, Agent Tools, and agent profiles.


Agents who partner with StreetEasy enjoy access to not only one of the strongest audiences of buyers and sellers in New York City, but an ever-expanding suite of technology tools and programs. The majority of these tools are available to agents at no additional cost, and provide optimization in three major areas: marketing and branding; productivity; and data and insights. Furthermore, StreetEasy continues to invest in creating best-in-class tools and building upon existing ones, adapting to the evolving needs of agents and the industry. 

“StreetEasy’s consistent product and tech implementations have been extremely helpful in a business that requires many tools and systems to serve clients well,” says Compass agent and StreetEasy Expert Scott Savory. And many other agents agree. 

Discover some of these StreetEasy tools that are helping agents save time, navigate the market, better serve clients, and grow their business like never before. Plus, in their own words, find out why agents can’t live without them. 

Marketing and branding tools enable agents to stand out and grow their business

StreetEasy Experts: In a market as diverse yet particular as New York City, agents with specialized experience are always in high demand. Qualifying agents who join the StreetEasy Experts program can connect with buyers and sellers whose needs match their deal history and experience. The program requires no upfront fees, only a Success Fee on Experts-originated deals. And some agents are building 8-figure businesses through Experts alone. 

“If you work it properly, you’ll grow as an agent, because you have to grow in your skills to work with these people. But you’re also going to grow a bigger business,” says Erin Wheelock, a Keller Williams NYC agent and StreetEasy Expert. “The opportunity from one client is endless.”

Featured Listings: Agents wanting to get more eyes on their StreetEasy listings can purchase Featured Listings, which appear at the top of search results on the site with relevant criteria. Featured Listings of homes for sale receive 93% more views and 72% more inquiries than non-featured listings. 

Agents find a wide range of use cases and advantages for Featured Listings. Rachel King, a StreetEasy Expert and agent with Serhant, likes featuring a listing “whenever I have a significant listing event such as a price change. I definitely receive more clicks and showings when my listing is featured.” StreetEasy Expert Mike Biryla of The Agency finds them beneficial for “some of my listings that have been on the market for an extended period of time, and need a way to really bring them to the forefront of potential buyers,” and says it’s helped him sell some of his most challenging properties.

Agent profiles: All agents using StreetEasy have an agent profile on the site, at no additional cost. These profiles include elements like the agent’s headshot, bio, languages spoken, active listings, verified deal history, a contact form, and more. StreetEasy Experts can create the most enhanced profiles, with recently added features like an Expert badge, an interactive deal history map, neighborhoods of expertise, personalized data for buyers and sellers, a custom URL, and more. 

These profiles help agents attract not just any clients, but the right clients. Scott Savory considers them “powerful as a vetting tool for buyers and sellers,” as they provide “the ability to vet an agent based on their sales history and experience.” Compass agent and StreetEasy Expert Nicole Hay says many buyers have “personally chosen to work with me based on my experience in a particular neighborhood or building, or the fact that I am bilingual.”

3D virtual tours: First introduced during the pandemic, 3D virtual tours of apartments remain popular and beneficial for agents and apartment hunters using StreetEasy. Agents can easily create them themselves, for free, through Zillow’s 3D Home® app. StreetEasy listings with 3D virtual tours are 117% more likely to receive buyer inquiries than listings without one.

Productivity tools provide on-the-go efficiency

Agent Tools: Available as a desktop site and dedicated mobile app at no additional charge, Agent Tools is highly valued by agents for its wide capabilities and mobile-first nature. They can use it to create and manage StreetEasy listings on the go, as well as generate comparable reports; organize saved searches, listings, and buildings; manage their team; manage connections; and receive push notifications for new inquiries. 

“I’m a bi-coastal broker covering many different markets. I’m also leading a large team of agents. Most of my time is spent on the road meeting my clients and not in the physical office; therefore, my phone is my office,” says Rachel King. “I’m able to manage my listings, my Experts platform, and my team from anywhere in the world at any time.”

“The mobile rollout was a massive upgrade and help, as we’re always on the go as agents,” Scott Savory adds. Nicole Hay uses the app “while on the go between showings, to make sure my connections are all up-to-date and that my clients are getting the level of service they’ve come to expect.”

Milla May, a StreetEasy Expert and agent with Compass, finds the app extremely user-friendly, and loves that “everything is kept in one place.” She says she “honestly would be lost without Agent Tools,” and does not see her career being the same without it.

Experts Resource Center: Built for agents participating in the StreetEasy Experts program, the Experts Resource Center provides ready-made guides, handouts, and scripts among other content like information on program updates. These free, downloadable resources help Experts close more leads, deliver the high level of service expected of them, and excel in the program.

“It is hard to find words to describe the brilliance of this feature. It is really a tool that helps me look like a rockstar in front of my client,” Milla May says regarding the Experts Resource Center. She calls it “exceptionally user-friendly, clear, and so easy to navigate.”

Mike Biryla says the resource center “has been one of the most utilized and successful tools for my team,” and that “as my business has grown and I have less time to spend with each team member, this has become an invaluable tool for my agents to have first-hand examples of how top agents have converted business.”

Data and insights tools provide unparalleled knowledge and visibility

Data Dashboard: Powered by StreetEasy’s extensive database, the StreetEasy Data Dashboard is popular among agents for its approachability and digestible format. Agents can explore housing data for sales and rentals across various metrics, boroughs, neighborhoods, property types, time periods, and more, or download ready-made reports in spreadsheet format. It’s completely free to use.

Listing performance dashboard: StreetEasy Experts have access to a robust listing performance dashboard at no additional cost. The tool provides a comprehensive look into not just how a listing is performing, but how it’s doing compared to similar homes on the market with regard to days on market, list price, sale price, views, messages, saves, shares, and more. Sellers get their own access to the dashboard as well, helping agents provide data visibility to their clients.

“I like the average days on market data point for the specific apartment type, as well as the amount of times the listing has been shared,” says Christie’s International agent and StreetEasy Expert Corey Mittenthal. “I think those are unique pieces of data that are not accessible on a standard report, and make for a good talking point with clients.”

This growing – and by no means comprehensive – list of technology tools is yet another way StreetEasy equips agents to not just list properties, but also increase efficiency, streamline tasks, track the market, and ultimately grow their business.