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The Anwar Team

Building Dreams in the City That Never Sleeps

Shimaa Anwar, one of the top leading experts in NYC real estate.

Shimaa Anwar's Inspiring Journey in NYC Real Estate
Shimaa Anwar's Inspiring Journey in NYC Real Estate

Being an immigrant in New York City is quite exhilarating. Unlike most places in the world, you are part of the general mass. Part of this large ecosystem, that sometimes feels so small but it is actually quite large. This tiny island can hold over 8.4 million people. 8.4 million clients, 8.4 million stories, 8.4 million opportunities. Something about it brings me back time and time again. It’s a fixture in my mind. It is what drives me every day. But the drive without the right thing to do will lead nowhere. With so many people involved you need the right amount of talent and grit to sustain a career that will elevate you above everyone else and position you as a thought leader. If anything, because with so many people, you have no other choice. 

This is how my journey into real estate began. Following a period of dissatisfaction working as a paralegal and years spent managing one of Manhattan’s most distinctive and bustling restaurants, I knew I was built for bigger and better things. I set out on a quest to discover the ideal industry where I could align my skills and passion to potentially achieve remarkable outcomes. And all as a single mom who simply wants to pick up her daughter from school on time. What better encapsulates the modern American dream than investing in real estate in New York City and aiding some of the world’s most ambitious individuals in realizing their dreams? I always had a thing for real estate walking around neighborhoods, touring homes, and analyzing every detail. Or is that creepy? Well, it worked out well regardless. I quickly realized the connections and knowledge within this field can be unrivaled and endlessly thrilling. My voyage kicked off with a boutique brokerage that resonated with my unwavering determination. LG Fairmont, a small yet resilient brokerage under the leadership of Aaron Graf, had defied the odds for over a decade. The ethos at LG Fairmont was one of unwavering persistence. It’s undeniably challenging when you’re the underdog, but the mindset instilled there is driven by sheer passion. The message was crystal clear – the path ahead wouldn’t be easy, so one must relentlessly pursue excellence to thrive. And that’s precisely what I did. In my inaugural year, I successfully closed twenty-eight sales transactions while working another job, received a nomination from Rebny as Rookie of the Year, built a team, mentored junior agents, and began cementing my reputation as a prominent figure in the industry. Now if that is the first year, can you imagine what’s ahead? There was no looking back, I was not going anywhere. Shame on you if you doubted me. 

Over time, I’ve come to realize that this profession, much like achieving success in New York City, revolves around understanding the significance of connections. New York City thrives on its inhabitants. One day, you could be conversing with a president, and the next, you might encounter a taxi driver who wisely invested in the right industry and rose to prominence. A single connection, even one that may initially appear insignificant, can reshape your life in a matter of days. However, what truly takes precedence are the connections you foster with your colleagues, third-party partners, and developers. I quickly realized that I can’t be at two locations at the same time, unlike others who attempt to handle everything independently. My potential for achievement is vast, and I firmly believe that teams are the path forward. We can achieve so much more by working together and that is why my journey here pays tribute to the brokerage that aided me in establishing my roots, the ever-accessible manager, the creative minds perpetually brimming with fresh ideas, my teammates who transformed my name into a recognized brand, the company that merged with my brokerage, now the largest residential real estate brokerage in the United States, and the agents on the opposite side of each transaction. Each talented individual played a pivotal role in shaping the path toward my future. For those who have not yet had the chance to meet me, you will undoubtedly do so soon. I, too, aspire to be a visionary in your narrative, a crucial piece on the chessboard of your success. When our paths finally cross, you will recognize me as Shimaa Anwar, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and the Head of the Anwar Team.