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Why NYC’s biggest developers choose The Everset for staging

When co-founders Gavin Steinberg and Jonathan Mitrani launched The Everset, a direct-to-consumer furniture rental business, they always had plans to do staging, but they never imagined they would become the go-to staging company for some of the largest real estate companies in New York.

In the real estate world, it’s no secret that staging units helps them sell and rent faster for more money. However, furniture staging options are often dated and unaffordable. Property owners often have a hard time swallowing the hefty price tag that comes along with staging, and real estate agents struggle to convince their clients it will be worth the upfront cost.

We kept hearing the same story from brokers, developers and property owners over and over again. They weren’t satisfied with the available staging options – they were either too expensive or the furniture was unattractive; they had no other choices,” said Steinberg.

We learned quickly that there was a real opportunity to disrupt the staging industry and that we were uniquely qualified to do this,” said Mitrani.

The Everset built its staging business to solve the problems that real estate companies were facing, with a focus on affordability, design and high-quality service.


The Everset hits the right price point without sacrificing style. I spoke to several other staging companies and none could compete on price with The Everset. The reason why: Jonathan Mitrani has furniture in his DNA. A third-generation furniture executive, with a 40-year-old family furniture business based in Brooklyn. The Everset has extensive relationships in furniture, and Mitrani’s network allows them to buy the right looking furniture at the right price.

“My first trip to High Point, NC with Jon was an eye-opening experience. This is the largest furniture show in the country and Jon knew everyone; his knowledge and network in the furniture industry is invaluable,” said Steinberg.

Sleek and modern design

The Everset’s design team has curated Scandinavian, mid-century and modern design pieces that come together in a clean and inviting aesthetic. Geared towards a design savvy consumer, The Everset resonates with real estate developers and brokers who are trying to reach a younger demographic that wants style without breaking the bank.

 High-quality staging service

The service is exceptional. Elsbeth Loughrey heads up staging at The Everset and every client we spoke with mentioned their high-quality service and attention to detail.

We can typically get a proposal back to a client within a week and have furniture in their unit within two weeks,” Loughrey told us. For many staging companies this is unheard of.

 Complimentary DTC business

Gavin Steinberg’s background in real estate development and as the CFO of a multi-family owner-operator gives The Everset unique insight into how to best service the real estate industry and their tenants.

A big part of providing great service is understanding your client’s needs and priorities,” Steinberg explained. “In addition to staging, we partner with the real estate community to offer furniture as an amenity to tenants. People are looking for more flexibility, particularly millennials that have embraced the shared economy. We also found that real estate developers were looking for ways to improve their tenant’s experience while increasing their NOI.”

The Everset’s property partner program allows developers, agents and property owners to provide tenants with a convenient and flexible furniture amenity in their buildings. This is particularly attractive in ground-up developments and rental buildings where staged and model units double as a showroom for the furniture.

Once an order is placed on their website, The Everset will deliver, assemble and pick up the furniture for free. Customers can rent from 3 – 24 months, and at the end of their subscription they can renew, buy, swap, or return. I wish I had this option when I was graduating from college!

Between their fresh approach to staging and direct-to-consumer rental business, The Everset is disrupting the furniture and staging industry while providing a much-needed service to owners and renters in the New York area.

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