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Design for the Future: Thermador brings latest innovations on a NYC focused roadshow

Thermador & The Real Deal brought a 3-day roadshow installation to New York City. We gathered leading developers and design visionaries for thought-provoking discussions around the future of real estate, design, and the next trends on the horizon. From how stakeholders are preparing for bans on natural gas, to an influx of technology amenities, to how New Yorkers are returning to work post-Covid, each talk touched on the industry’s most pressing concerns.

Vice President, and National Builder Sales at BSH Home Appliances Corporation, JohnMcDonough started off each night setting the tone of the panels – top discussions around overcoming challenges through developments, implementing solutions that have become pivoting trends, and of course how innovative technology plays a key role in some of these high-profile projects. “Thermador is continuously pushing the boundaries of its R&D capabilities and engineering innovation to develop some of the most sustainable, energy-focused appliances.” McDonough notes that Thermadors’ mission is to develop and deliver appliances that are not only beautiful and complement the luxury living spaces, but also exceed the needs of how each appliance functions in a space. With the ban of natural gas hitting New York City, Thermador stands ready to support this with its expansive range of electrical products for any space.

Night One

Publisher Amir Korangy started off the roadshow on the first night alongside Naftali Group CEO Miki Naftali and RAMSA partner Michael Jones. The trio kicked things off on the discussion around the flight to quality in development and overcoming the challenges of re-shaping spaces to grab the attention of the top echelon of potential buyers.

Night Two

Nadia Meratla, Managing Director, Head of Design at Shvo, and Jeffrey Simpson, Managing Partner at Arch Companies spoke with Amir on their latest developments, the buyer profiles they’re coming across, and what tenants are really looking for. Meratla spoke on the latest development from Shvo, Mandarin Oriental Residence, on 5th Ave and the latest lush amenities that truly make this development a sought-after property for residents. Simpson also spoke about their portfolio of developments and the shifts in investments throughout the nation where some clients are stepping out of their New York home state to look at capitalizing on investments for a greater return in states throughout the southeast.

Night Three

To close the show, associate publisher Hiten Samtani moderated a discussion between Fisher Brothers MD Crystal Fisher, and David Rockwell, Founder & President of Rockwell Group. Technology was a key focus of the evening, with both speakers touching on its ever-expanding role as an amenity. Discussions around how project stakeholders are looking at ways of streamlining apps for their clients was also an interesting talking point; being able to move away from the six different apps to control each individual task is now being worked out where one platform can help streamline and automate day-to-day functions or greater easeability. Additionally, the use of technology for more sustainable applications continues to break the envelope for Rockwell, where he spoke about seeking out the top companies to support the visions of each one of their projects.

If you’re a builder or developer and looking to learn more about the latest innovations by Thermador, contact JohnMcDonough for an exclusive promo code to gain access to the Greenroom during The Real Deal’s New York Showcase, May 19th.