TRH New York launches an updated virtual renovation and staging platform for estate condition property in New York.

After collaborating with the likes of Ryan Serhant, Cathy Franklin, Lauren Muss and Christine Miller Martin, TRHNYC is launching Vision 2.0 a powerful offering for virtual staging and virtual renovation of estate condition properties from the iconic design-build firm started in 1990 by CEO Lee J. Stahl


New York, NY (November 30th, 2021) 

The Renovated Home (TRH), the premier residential design|build firm based in New York and its CEO,  Lee J. Stahl are thrilled to announce the launch of their offering for digital staging, architectural re designing and budgeting for the renovation of high end estate condition properties: TRHNYC Vision 2.0.  At a cost of up to 90 percent less than high-end physical staging, TRHNYC Vision 2.0, provides to  brokers, buyers and sellers a true to life virtual staging component delivering the “vision” of what Stahl  and his team can transform a property into. Additionally, they provide a pragmatic budget for the  renovation before the buyer makes their offer on the property. 

Stahl says: “I became exhausted seeing 3rd rate virtual staging, architectural re-design of properties that  were totally unbuildable not to mention renovation budgets that were pure insanity! Every week both  buyers and brokers come to us to get a handle on the visual potential of a property, the architectural  potential and our pragmatic approach on the cost and timeline of a renovation project. TRHNYC Vision 2.0 delivers on all of these like nothing else in the marketplace today”. 

The groundbreaking 1.0 platform launched in mid-2016 immediately connected with top real estate  brokers like Ryan Serhant of Serhant, Corcorans’ Cathy Franklin, Compass’ Christine Miller Martin, and  Ellimans’ Lauren Muss, and after being involved in the design and marketing of over 500 million dolllars  of listings to date, the release of TRHNYC Vision 2.0 ushers in a more powerful tool for brokers and their  buyers to hedge against the unknowns of renovation projects. 

Ryan Serhant of Serhant: With the TRH platform, you’re not selling an estate or a fixer upper, you’re  selling the package and the dream – and Lee has the ability to make that dream a reality. 

Cathy Franklin of Corcoran: I started working with Lee in 1992 and have such an amazing experience,  with his knowledge, great taste and expertise in renovating and designing. We began collaborating with  the vision of his platform and it has absolutely made the difference with our buyers and sellers. He  enables purchasers to see a vision of what their home can truly be. Lee is such a creative soul and I love  working with him. 

Christine Miller Martin of Compass: The TRHNYC platform offers buyers the ability to see the full  potential of a property while providing credible and reliable guidance from a reputable source as to the  cost and time involved in a renovation.” 

Lauren Muss of Elliman: Lee is a real life safer and the TRHNYC VISION platform is a great tool for  brokers. Whenever I have an estate property or an unusual floorplan that needs help, Lee arrives  immediately and creates a full renovation proposal so that buyers have an idea of cost, possibilities and a  timeframe.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2021 Profile of Home Staging Report, 23% of sellers’  agents reported an increase of one to five percent of the dollar value offered by buyers for staged  homes in comparison to similar homes that are not staged. Additionally, 22% of seller’s agents reported  a decrease in time on market with staged homes. At the same time, 82% of buyers’ agents said staging a  listing made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. 

When it comes to property in need of large-scale renovation, brokers have long held that giving buyers  the vision to understand the potential is one of their greatest challenges against selling new  construction product. Stahl maintains that “the greatest upside has always been, and will always be in  property where the buyer is willing to put in the effort and time in renovating – as long as the property  is bought at the right price and the renovation is engineered without waste to the bottom line.  

TRHNYC VISION 2.0 kicks off in New York this month, with plans to expand to other luxury markets such  as the Hamptons, South Florida and Los Angeles in 2022 . 

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About TRH New York 

Founded in 1990, The Renovated Home (TRH) has been the leading residential design|build firm in New  York. Having successfully designed and completed over 1,000 residential renovation projects to date in  New York, Long Island and South Florida, the company prides itself on a “no-excuses” pragmatic  approach to their renovation projects. With an on-time, on-budget deliverable being paramount in the  mantra of the company, The Renovated Home sets the standard for what a seamless renovation  experience is all about. For more information about TRH New York, please visit TRHNYC.COM