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Largest landlords adopt certification for smart buildings

Hines, Skanska, The John Buck Company, Columbia Property Trust and EDGE commit to SmartScore – shaping the industry and making history


Read the WiredScore smart buildings white paper

On Tuesday 20th April, WiredScore launched a new certification for smart buildings: SmartScore.

The launch saw 70 buildings, 44 landlords across 7 countries commit to SmartScore certification, including the likes of: Hines, Skanska, The John Buck Company, Morgan Stanley, Columbia Property Trust and EDGE. This marks a huge commitment from real estate globally, and paves an exciting path towards the future of the smart building space.

To support the launch, real estate experts from across the globe came together for a lively and topical discussion: Smart buildings. A global industry leaders’ perspective – an insightful analysis of the smart building space, featuring key insight from top industry players:

  • James Pellatt, Director of Workplace and Innovation, Great Portland Estates
  • George Roberts, Head of UK & Ireland, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Sandra Gritti, Director EDGE Next, EDGE
  • Jacinda Lofland, Director Strategy and Innovation, Nuveen
  • Grigor Hajiev, Head of Product & Development West Europe, Allianz
  • Brad Greiwe, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Fifth Wall (Moderator) Watch the launch event

In anticipation of the launch of SmartScore, WiredScore released a smart buildings white paper to bring clarity to the market. The white paper serves as a defining document that unifies the many disparate and conflicting voices in and around the smart building space.

A cohesive pattern of thought that defines what it means to be a smart building, the white paper (Smart Buildings. Our future is smart) unpicks just how important they are to the built world, and showcasing some great examples of buildings doing smart now, and doing smart well: including case study examples from Skanska, The John Buck Company, PGIM and EDGE.

Further, the white paper details how WiredScore collaboratively built a consensus on smart alongside the WiredScore Smart Council, defining what smart means, how it can be valuable to owners and users, and (crucially) how to measure the success of smart buildings.

Read the WiredScore smart buildings white paper

When it comes to building appealing spaces that are versatile and able to attract the top talent, the key to creating the best in-building experience imaginable is to build with the user in mind – the key is to build smart.

The future of real estate rests with smart buildings. Smart is essential to sustainable, future-proof, cost efficient and inspirational and, by putting the user first, ensures that real estate provides safer, people-centric spaces that are better both for the occupier and the environment.

Smart buildings will also allow building owners to give individual occupants the confidence they need to return to the office in a post-pandemic world, as now more than ever, the buildings in which we work must ensure our safety, and make us want to work there.

Nelson Mills, CEO, Columbia Property Trust, comments: “We are pleased to be among the industry leaders launching WiredScore’s smart building certification program, SmartScore. With health and wellness, sustainability, and technology at the forefront of the innovative design of 799 Broadway in Greenwich Village, Columbia is pursuing SmartScore certification as part of its ongoing commitment to providing creative and collaborative tenants with highly efficient and well-connected workspace experiences that will continue to meet the evolving demands of tomorrow’s leading companies.”

In the words of Arie Barendrecht, WiredScore founder and CEO: “Improving our buildings is one of the most powerful ways we can address the biggest challenges of our time: staving off climate change, advancing our health and wellness, and even strengthening our physical and digital security – the companies shaping the future will be working in WiredScore and SmartScore rated buildings.”

About WiredScore:

WiredScore is the organization behind WiredScore and SmartScore certifications, the internationally recognised digital connectivity rating systems for real estate that help landlords design and promote buildings with powerful digital connectivity and smart capability.

WiredScore champions cutting-edge technology in commercial real estate by providing the only certification for rating the infrastructure, connectivity, technological and smart capability of buildings.

WiredScore launched  in 2013 in partnership with Mayor Bloomberg and the City of New York, and in October of 2017 received support from investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Fifth Wall.

In an increasingly tech-driven economy, connectivity is fast becoming the most critical factor for tenants when selecting office space. WiredScore’s

globally-recognized certification seals are trusted symbols that identify buildings that have been independently certified to provide the best-in-class connectivity and smart infrastructure that businesses require to thrive.

To date, over 650 million square feet of commercial office space has been WiredScore certified, impacting 6 million office workers across 10 countries since its launch in New York in 2013. For more information on WiredScore certification or to find WiredScore/SmartScore certified buildings, visit: https://wiredscore.com/