Apocalypse or Opportunity? Today’s Real Estate Market

New webinar from Yeshiva University Sy Syms School of Business explores the challenges and opportunities arising from major real estate market shifts in New York City and around the globe.

The Mitzner MSRE Real Estate Roundtable brings together four renowned members of the Sy Syms School of Business faculty to share diverse, insightful perspectives on the significant market shifts in a fast-paced 50-minute conversation including these topics and more.

  • Changes in supply and demand for commercial and residential space
  • Market distress and decline in builder confidence
  • Impacts of governmental interventions
  • Opportunities for the greening of the city
  • Repurposing office space for highest and best use 

Meet the Panelists

  •  Andreas D. Christopoulos, PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance and Real Estate, and Academic Director of the Mitzner MSRE YU
  •  Honey Berk, Executive Director at CUNY and Adjunct Professor of Real Estate YU
  •  Allegra Goldberg, Principal, AMSG Construction Management and Adjunct Professor of Real Estate YU
  • Philip Kalikman PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance and Real Estate YU 

Watch the Webinar


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