Cammeby’s International Group

About: Cammeby’s International Group is a real estate investment company based in New York City.

Headquarters: 45 Broadway, New York, NY 10006

Founded in: 1967

Founded by: Rubin Schron

Cammeby's International Group Q&A

What is Cammeby’s International Group known for?
Cammeby's is an investor that has managed upwards of $13 billion in assets. Its focus is in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. It is known for its $138 million purchase of the Woolworth Building in 1998 and the $250 million purchase of the Monterey Apartments on the Upper East Side. In 2015, it filed plans for a 40-story mixed-use building on Coney Island that would be the tallest tower in southern Brooklyn. Cammeby's also made headlines in 2010 when founder Rubin Schron was involved in a legal battle with his former lawyer over ownership of the nursing home company Sava Senior Care.
Where does Cammeby’s International Group operate?
Cammeby’s International Group operates in New York City. While Cammeby’s most prominent rental property is the Monterey on the Upper East Side, the bulk of the company’s rental holdings are in Queens and Brooklyn, with some in Astoria and the Bronx.
Who runs Cammeby’s International Group?
Rubin Schron, the founder of Cammeby’s International Group, runs the company with his sons, Avi and Eli Schron.
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Cammeby's International Group Top Stories

September 26, 2019Rubin Schron’s Cammeby’s International Group gets $500 million refinancing for apartment complex in Fresh Meadows, Queens.
July 19, 2018Cammeby’s International Group has landed a $58.4 million loan for its Lower East Side apartment building at 10 Stanton Street.
May 18, 2017Cammeby's International Group has tapped Suffolk Construction to take on 532 Neptune Avenue, what will be Coney Island's tallest tower.

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