Proptech is a term that encompasses the wide range of technologies and tech startups that impact the real estate industry.

Proptech Q&A

Why is proptech important to the real estate industry?
Proptech companies and innovations have changed how the real estate industry operates and the types of companies that are included in the space. Technology has become an integral part of most lives, and professionals within the real estate space use proptech for everything from lead generation to multiple listing services to smart home tech to construction and more.
What kinds of proptech are there?
A large number of technologies fall underneath or intersect with the proptech umbrella. A few of these include "smart real estate," tech devices and systems that help build and run smart cities and buildings; "contech" construction technology products and startups that have changed the way we build; and "fintech" financial tech and startups that use innovative digital methods to provide financial services.
What can proptech do?
Contech innovations have reshaped the way that developers are able to design new structures, fintech services have streamlined home financing processes, homes and offices and increasingly full of smart devices, and new innovations continue to reshape the way that the real estate industry functions. Proptech companies have proliferated on the real estate scene, and tens of billions of dollars of VC funding has flooded the sector in recent years.
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