Texas man transforms mobile home into “tin castle”

No blueprints, outside help, and no more than 20% from store-bought materials

The home on the 13000 block of Highway 155 (Donna Hayley/Wayne Fisher, iStock)
The home on the 13000 block of Highway 155 (Donna Hayley/Wayne Fisher, iStock)

It’s hard to miss the shiny “tin castle” just south of the Texas town of Tyler.

Yes, the two-story home on the 13000 block of Highway 155 has a two-car garage, wooden balcony and stone well, all the fixtures of a typical suburban Texas home. Its facade, though, is made entirely from recycled metal, KLTV reported.

Wayne Fisher spent 45 years turning his single-wide mobile home into a 20-room house, using scavenged materials from the Tyler area, according to KLTV. The Smith County Appraisal District website says the property is worth about $69,000, well below its 2015 market value of $101,654.

“A lot of salvage and a lot of reclamation,” Fisher told his local TV station. “Things that are broken, I fix them up. They’ve got a place here.”

He used primarily corrugated barn tin on the outside, part of his goal to make the exterior resemble. Wood on the interior walls is from reclaimed buildings in downtown Tyler. The glass doors to the downstairs apartment came from the facade of the local Oldsmobile dealership. Even the art on the walls was given to him by friends.

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What makes the project even more impressive is that the blueprints are entirely in his head, Fisher said. “I’ve often been caught working up in the yard and somebody comes by and says that they would love to have a copy of my blueprints,” he said.

It all started with Fisher’s interest in do-it-yourself magazines.

“It turned out to be a life-long hobby,” Fisher told mySA.com. “It captivated my interest and I just went from there.”

Fisher shares his handmade home with a Boston Terrier named Tyler. He wants people to know that the home is still a work in progress.

“I’m not dead yet,” he said. “As long as the good Lord keeps me here, I’m going to keep working.”

[KLTV] – Maddy Sperling