International investor drops $1B on Sunbelt single-family rentals

The acquisition includes 3,500 properties in Texas and 16 other states

Partners' Ron Lamontagne and Scott Egarian (LinkedIn, iStock)
Partners' Ron Lamontagne and Scott Egarian (LinkedIn, iStock)

Partners Group just picked up a $1 billion portfolio of single-family rental properties in Texas and 16 other 17 Sunbelt states.

The 3,500-home portfolio includes 2,528 new constructions and more than 1,000 in the works, primarily in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Oklahoma. Behind the billion-dollar move, Partners cited the vast migration of remote workers to the region looking for more space during the pandemic, driven by its “high job growth rates, relative affordability, and favorable climates.”

“Millennials are raising families at a time when the high costs of living and a chronic undersupply of housing are making purchasing a home difficult for many,” said Managing Director Ron Lamontagne in the announcement.

“A rising number of companies are locating or relocating to the Sunbelt from more expensive and high cost, high tax metro areas,” added Scott Egarian, another member of Partners Group’s management team. “As a result, the target demographic for the Portfolio, which typically includes young families with stable incomes that are looking for more space, is growing.”

With this acquisition, Partners Group intends to “capitalize on the​​ fragmented nature of the single-family rental market.”

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