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Josh Kushner named one of tech’s 30 under 30

At just 28, Josh’s investment firm has already raised $70M
May 03, 2014 01:00PM

 Josh Kushner, the “fiercely independent” younger brother of Jared, who runs the family development firm, and founder of the investment fund Thrive Capital, has been named one of Business Insider’s 30 under 30 most influential young people in tech.

At a mere 28 years old, Josh has already founded two companies, raised $70 million in funding, and poached engineers from Google and a CTO from Tumblr, according to Business Insider.

Last year, Josh led a $4 million venture capital investment in Manhattan-based Honest Buildings, which connects developers and landlords with engineers, architects, designers and other vendors. Of course, this was just after his brother joined the board of the start-up.

Today, Josh’s other company, Oscar, a health insurance company designed around easy billing, has 52 employees. [Business Insider] Christopher Cameron

  • mike

    Wow! Must be great spending family money and getting credit for it.

  • pete

    28 is dinosaur

  • Steven Cohen

    Is Josh the money man behind the publishing division of

  • Steven Cohen

    Josh was a camp counselor at Camp laurel heights one summer; that is really tough work.

  • Steven Cohen

    Not every one can be Donald Trump, why does this Young Lion not marry
    a Speyer?


    He looks like the Witwicky kid from Transformers


    how much does one have to pay to self promote?