Elliman’s Jason Walker says “former mentee” tried to steal his business

Resi agent files lawsuit stemming from tumultuous period bouncing around firms
By Rich Bockmann | September 05, 2017 12:45PM

Natasha Page and Jason Walker

Real estate agent Jason Walker is still salty about the 14-month period during which his contract was terminated by the brokerages Compass and CORE.

The Douglas Elliman agent, who last year filed a $6 million lawsuit against the venture-backed startup Compass, is now singling out an agent he claims to be his former mentee at CORE for allegedly trying to steal his clients.

Walker’s attorney filed a notice in Manhattan State Supreme Court Friday seeking $300,000 in damages against Natasha Page, a salesperson at Compass who used to work with him at CORE.

The notice claims that Page spread lies against Walker meant to “undermine his relationship with his clients” and misappropriated his contacts list in an attempt to poach clients “as a shortcut to developing her own network of clients and referral sources.”

The notice also claims Page failed to repay a loan Walker had provided when she couldn’t afford expenses for food, travel and housing.

Neither Page nor Walker responded to requests for comment.

Walker’s attorney, Steven Landy, said Page was trying to steal the broker’s clients.

“It’s a shame, that after all the kindness Mr. Walker has shown her, that she chooses to repay him that way,” he said.

Walker worked with Page at CORE, which fired him in October just 14 months after he was terminated from Compass. (Walker’s former attorney last year said Walker planned to quit but CORE got wind of it and terminated his contract before he could resign.)

He returned to Douglas Elliman — where he started his career and was named rookie of the year in 2005 — shortly thereafter.

In May 2016, he filed a lawsuit against Compass, claiming the company broke promises and spread false rumors about his personal life and professional ability. The lawsuit is still ongoing.