Meet the artist who made a money wall in Miley Cyrus’ Malibu home

Miley Cyrus and her money wall, and Mister E, the artist who created it (credit: Mister E Instagram)
Miley Cyrus and her money wall, and Mister E, the artist who created it (credit: Mister E Instagram)

Colorful replicas of actual-size currency have turned pop star Miley Cyrus’ living room into money wall, in what could become the newest home decorating trend for celebrities.

Three walls of Cyrus’ living room and an adjacent powder room are now a permanent art installation, which she commissioned after seeing the larger-than-life “Art of Money” paintings created by a 28-year-old Florida-based artist Mister E.

Part of the art installation Mister E created in Miley Cryrus' living room

Part of the art installation Mister E created in Miley Cryrus’ living room

The trend might make Minecraft creator Markus Persson rethink the giant candy wall in his Beverly Hills mansion. The $200,000 it cost to stock the wall with candy could buy a whole lot of fake money.

Mister E declined to reveal the cost of Cyrus’ installation, but estimated he has charged $25,000 for other projects of a smaller scale.

“Miley wanted to do a painting in the living room, but while I was talking to her on the phone, I came up with the idea of doing a money wall,” Mister E told The Real Deal. “The money wall will be an ongoing installation, and when people came over they can add to it—sign their name, write a note, stick it to the wall. She loved the idea, so I flew out to L.A. and stayed with her for two weeks to work on it.”

The permanent installation now covers the majority of her living room walls, clear to the ceiling. “It looks like money growing out of the whole wall,” Mister E says. “I also created a gold safe and a gold key that I made into a necklace that she wears. The money for the wall is kept in the safe, which required her key to open. It’s a really interactive experience.”

Miley Cyrus' money wall bathroom (courtesy of Mister E)

Miley Cyrus’ money wall bathroom (courtesy of Mister E)

Speaking of interactive, Mister E went full-on #moneywall in an adjacent bathroom, including making Technicolor toilet paper out of $100 bill replicas. “We went to town with it, covered the bathroom from floor to ceiling, gold leafed the sink,” Mister E said. “I made a couple other pieces of art to hang on the wall for her and Liam Hemsworth.”

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Cyrus plunked down $2.5 million for the two-story 1958 home in Ramirez Canyon earlier this year, where at least one of the bathrooms immediately became Spiderman-themed.

“She’s got a thing with her bathrooms in her house. They’re not normal,”said Mister E. After purchasing a 5,173-square-foot Studio City home for $3.9 million in 2011, Cyrus customized the guest bathroom with what Mister E calls “crazy wallpaper—I don’t even know how to explain it. The toilet paper is dispensed by a Polaroid camera.”

Mister E says he wasn’t alone in completing the installation. “Miley was very hands on with everything she does,” he said. “She likes to be involved and was definitely working very hard during the time I was working on the installation. Everyone was hanging out, her friends and Liam’s friends, eating food, drinking, listening to music.”

The artist described the vibe of Cyrus’ house as “her own version of Michael Jackson’s Neverland.”

“There are different buildings on the property, an art studio and a recording studio that the whole building is painted like a rainbow,” he said. “It’s like her own little dreamland. I know I didn’t want to leave and I have a pretty fun life.”

Mister E and Adam Sandler (courtesy of Mister E)

Mister E and Adam Sandler (courtesy of Mister E)

Mister E, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in real estate and construction, had several stints in Florida’s real estate market before turning to art full-time. Since then, he has worked with celebrities like Adam Sandler, Floyd Mayweather and Lionel Richie. One of his current projects includes a custom piece for Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

“One thing that would shock most people is that Miley is very normal and keeps normal people around her, and they’re good people she’s known her whole life,” says Mister E. “It was nothing like what you would think. When I did work for Floyd Mayweather, let’s just say I would place him and Miley on complete, opposite ends of the spectrum in every way possible.”

Cyrus is perhaps best known for the Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana,” which aired from 2006 to 2011. She also has released five albums, including “Meet Miley Cyrus” and “Bangerz” and is currently co-hosting “The Voice.” She’s also no stranger to the real estate market. She sold her home in Toluca Lake for $6 million in 2015 and bought an equestrian property with a vineyard in the Hidden Hills area for more than $4 million.

MoneyNation estimates Cyrus’ net worth at $197 million, based on earnings from concert tours, merchandising and acting.